Foundation Unwound Present


Move fast and break things.
- MTF Phi-12 Motto

So as it turns out, I'd been stuck in a time loop for at least, uh, 18 hours and the guy who'd sold me the plasma rifle wasn't coming back.
- MTFO Rosa Berne debriefing after her morning jog

The town is Ellin and the time is fucked. In this relatively sleepy Australian outback town, the SCP Foundation is waging a secret war against the fact that causality as we know it doesn't seem to really exist in this city. Time travellers seem to pop in and out with alarming regularity, while ENIVAC clones run fusion reactors from the future.

So it falls to the Foundation to figure out exactly what time it is. Based out of the newly-built (at least if the blueprints are accurate) Site-43, you are a member of Mobile Task Force Phi-12 ("Time Bandits") and it's your job to deal with the day-to-year happenings of the anomalous community, as well as trying to find out what exactly is going on.

Basic Information

Faced with an increasing number of anomalies as well as a conveniently large number of (only mildly anomalous) people willing to help them in their cause, the Foundation has relented in their ideological purity. Anomalous tech and staff alike are part of this Foundation, with time-travellers and cyborgs all fair game for their hiring process.

Ellin is a small town dominated mostly by the Caldwell chemical processing plant: in reality the cover for the Foundation's Site-43. You can expect to find structures still made out of timber and corrugated iron, as well as a few remnants of colonial Australia - think pubs and hotels dating back to the Gold Rush era.

Of course, that's only what it looks like on the surface. The power plant is run by a fusion tokamak from corners unknown, while the tourists who drop by are mostly composed of the temporally confused, ranging from unfortunate Roman centurions to a horde of future Mongols armed with antimemetic weaponry.

The Foundation has taken the opportunity to work with the local population in order to assist their containment effort, which is why the staff of the Site are equally odd. Your medic is an eyepatched survivor of the Atlantis/Vostok Bombings and your bog-standard taser probably runs off a fuel cell bearing the holy likeness of Elon Musk.

Expect to work with copious amounts of paratech while you're here. While there aren't enough buildings to have a seedy underbelly proper, the fact that your fellow bar patron used to write icebreakers for the Brazilian government probably means you'll have to get down and dirty with the bleeding edge of supernatural technology.

The most important thing to be aware of is the fact that anything will have, will and be happening right now. Often all at once.

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