What you Can and Cannot do at the AI Department (WIP)
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(It is pretty evident what this list resembles. I know that.)

Due to several…incidents involving the AIs built by myself and my team at Site-15, I have been forced to revise the rules in regards to usage and testing of the AI systems. If anyone is found to be in violations of these rules, they will be severely reprimanded by me personally. These AI systems are learning AI systems, and I don't want a bunch of limpdick morons teaching them things they really ought not to know. I have attached said rules to the bottom of this message, and they are to be enforced effective immediately. - Dr. Thorne

  • The AIs are no longer allowed to be used for Google searches.
    • No, not even if you ask nicely. ORIGAMI was experiencing severe malfunctions until I discovered that her system was being backed up by an excess of cat pictures. Yes, they are cute, but that does not mean you have to look them up when performing Turing tests.
      • Trying to 'elicit an emotional response' is not a valid excuse.
  • Challenging the AIs to 'fight in a war to end all wars' was just a plain bad idea. Please do not do this again. PANDORA is still requiring code replacements.
  • The AIs are not sex chat bots. I will find whoever did this, and I will kill you.
    • He'd be less pissed off about it if CR0W would stop calling him 'daddy'… Professor Thomas Markson is hereby banned from editing this document any form of documents until further notice.
  • Just because the AIs are sapient, does not mean that they should be treated as actual personnel.
    • I don't care how capable they are of writing documents, if these things get wise we are thoroughly screwed. Don't be the asshole that starts a robotic revolution.
  • Teaching the AIs 'Mankind Is Obsolete' songs is no longer allowed. If you want to know why, see 'Don't be the asshole that starts a robotic revolution.'
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