Tone and Setting 


Tone and Setting of the Roleplay

The title of this guide is fairly self-explanatory. It will cover the basic setting of this roleplay, and the sort of tone and attitude it should be approached with.


So what are we dealing with, here?

We are dealing with a top-secret, world-wide organisation that is responsible for the containment and protection of various anomalous items, some of which may or may not have the ability to cause harm to humanity itself, or, at worst, cause an XK-Class end-of-the-world scenario.
As a result, the Foundation must be extremely cautious in its actions: who has access to what, and how things must be contained. Any failure in the system that makes up the Foundation could have utterly catastrophic consequences, and so each and every job must be taken seriously. One wrong move could be your very last.

So, what does this entail for the personnel hired here?

They would evidently have to be professionals in their field of work, to some degree. They would have academic degrees in the respective subjects required, and they would also have done something to have caught the attention of the Foundation scouts.
These are people who have a unique aptitude for something. People who are trustworthy, and dedicated. These are not people who act like children, though they will have their times for fun. These are people working to keep humanity safe, from a threat - as far as the general public knows - does not even exist.


So what kind of tone should you be approaching with, here?
Well, we cannot dictate the personality of your character - each and every one of them is unique. They may be very easy going, happy characters, they may be grumpy, reclusive characters, or downright baffling. They may have a wicked prankster streak, or may be the epitome of social anxiety.
But one thing we have to crack down on here is how these people take their jobs.
As mentioned previously, they are working for a fairly major organisation. They will need to be serious in their line of work.
Now, we don't expect this to be maintained constantly, no. We couldn't do that. It would be nowhere near as much fun, and in fact a bit dull. There will be moments that allow for more relaxed attitudes and casual, normal interaction.
However this roleplay is based around the idea of the Foundation as an organisation, and a big one at that, so a base level of professionalism is expected from characters.

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