Tobias Conrad

Name: Tobias C. Conrad.

Affiliation: Foundation.

Role: Field Agent

Played By: LornFlukesLornFlukes

Phys. Description: Approximately 6'7", slender build, appears to be in his mid thirties, with light blond hair and blue grey eyes. Has a thin face with pronounced cheekbones and stress lines around the eyes. Normally appears fairly well groomed, apart from visual signs of sleep deprivation. Prefers clothing in neutral tones. Often seen wearing a dark grey wool overcoat, always wears thin black gloves.

Background: Born in Williams Arizona in 1982. As a child, he performed relatively well in school, and had a fairly standard if somewhat emotionally distant relationship with his artist mother, his father having died in an industrial accident several years after his birth. Money was usually tight in the household, and Tobias learned to deal with the hardships of poverty at a young age.
At the age of 16 he began to experience vivid reoccurring nightmares, his performance in school dropped drastically, and he began to develop severe paranoia and antisocial tendencies. The cause of this was that his mother, who had for some time been struggling both to support herself and her son, and to gain recognition as an artist, had joined AWCY, and had begun work on an anomalous "art project" the medium of which was the human dreaming state. The Foundation was alerted to this as reports of the nightmares began to come from others in the area, and a raid was soon carried out on the Conrads' home. The unfinished anomaly was discovered and contained, along with the corpse of Mrs Conrad, who, seemingly having been alerted in advance, had committed suicide by ingesting an entire tube of cadmium red paint. Tobias was given a class B amnestic, and placed in the state foster care system for the remaining 2 years of his adolescence. While the amnestic was successful in removing his memories of the events causing the nightmares, it only temporarily suppressed the nightmares themselves. As the nightmares increased in severity and frequency during Tobias' adulthood, his first resort was to seek psychological help, with only very limited success. His desperation growing, he began to search for more unconventional answers to them, both in terms of a cause and of a cure. It was this line of investigation that brought him back to the attention of the Foundation, and he was apprehended and taken into foundation custody for questioning, during which he displayed a fairly impressive level of knowledge of the anomalous, given his limited resources and civilian background. In light of this, he was offered a probational position as a field agent for the foundation. He soon proved to be a valuable asset, and was promoted to full field agent.
During his time in the foundation, he has managed to mitigate the worst effects of his condition, however by this point he had already developed a categorical aversion to sleep, avoiding it as much as possible.

Profile: While usually sociable, he has a tendency to view people and situations through a cynical lens. When faced with the issue of expressing emotions in a healthy manner, he simply avoids it, or retreats behind a shield of irreverent gallows humor. He has mild empathy issues, possibly stemming from an undiagnosed developmental condition, but can fake it well enough in situations that call for it.

- He has a mild physical dependence on caffeine, and almost always carries a hip flask of sludgy black coffee with him.
- The difficulty in treating his condition is possibly a result of his exposure taking place at such an active time of neurological development.
- He has touch related sensitivity issues, thus the constant use of gloves.
- He suffers from mild nocturnal lagophthalmos.

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