The Codenamed

Name: [Unknown]

Aliases: "The Codenamed", "P."

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Role: Foundation Agent - Takes care of situations involving possible and confirmed enemies; assists with Mobile Task Force missions and containment breaches.

Played By: KedrioKedrio

Phys. Description: The Codenamed is a caucasian male, standing at a height of approximately 6ft 4in. He could be described as having a rather lithe figure at first glance, however his attire tends to mask what is, in fact, a much more muscular, powerful build.
In terms of facial features, he is described as having grey blue eyes. His hair is often kept neatly trimmed, and is a dark, muddy-blonde colour.
Often seen dressed in a fine-cut black suit and white shirt, and seems to have a preference for red ties, contrasting greatly with either element of his outfit.
He is a man who often maintains a rather dignified disposition, back straight and shoulders squared to add to his characteristic seriousness.

Background: Most of the agent's past is unknown; internal documentation was damaged, and living personnel have no obvious recollections of his personal history. When asked about his past he'd give a different story each time.

The earliest untouched files reach the first operation of Mobile Task Force Psi-1, the mission in question was supposed to be one to infiltrate an area and capture a possible new object. The place turned out to be the Group of Interest's hideout, the majority of the task force was lost in the raid besides a small group including the agent with severe wounds.
The next two operations involved the re-containment of an object. Both times The Codenamed and the captain were the only operatives alive. His skills saved the leader from certain death the second time the breach occured.
During next recontainment attempt, the captain was infested; because of this, he committed suicide. Agent recieved an operation due to an electric shock. Luckily enough, he survived and was put into a coma for 1 month before waking up and being diagnosed with insensitivity to pain and the condition could not be reversed.

After the operation, Mobile Task Force Psi-1 was disbanded, forcing him to change his job into a security officer.
Several months passed and he was offered job as a field agent, which he accepted, as it gave him the opportunity to work more outside, rather than inside facilities. After nearly 5 years of work, he'd learned several languages and completed a multitude of tasks; these were seemingly degrading his mind.
At the end of his duty as a field agent he was diagnosed with what was described as "mild dissociative identity disorder and sociopathy". The next evaluations revealed that the man had the illnesses before starting his duty within Foundation and was successfully concealing it, but during his latest tasks, he didn't need to hide them.

Lastly - He took part in a project which was supposed to create specialized agents working for the Foundation. When he began his training, amnestics were used to remove his former identity from contacted people, besides project leader and O5 who was observing it. Unfortunately - the project head died, leaving The Codenamed with no identity and partially finished training.

Profile: The Codenamed can keep up with conversations and is mostly in the mood to talk with anyone, but unless he's invited, he'll mind his own business by checking his phone or daydream. He dislikes talking about politics and is at times adding useless swears just because of a bad habit. Although he does mind his manners, he mostly doesn't seem to bother when someone is acting inappropriately, because of his belief of noone being perfect in all means. Whenever catching "a rhythm" he'll start speaking more eloquently sometimes using words which in a regular conversation wouldn't fit. Often, conversations with him would lead to talking about brutal and controversial subjects, because of this it's much easier for this person to scare people off than befriend them.

Whenever he is in a situation that includes firearms, the agent will shoot anyone standing in his way without any sign of remorse, nor will he enter any conversation with targets unless proven necessary.

Bulletproof Suit
2 M84 stun grenades
2 Beretta M9s with suppressors
1 Custom butterfly knife
1 Shake flashlight
1 Personal Device Assistant

• The agent has been proven being able of speaking several languages including Spanish, Polish, Russian, German, Latin and Esperanto.
• His alternate personality agent refers to himself as "Pablo".


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Melee fight theme

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Genocide mode theme

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