Susy Dakzimier

Name: Susy Dakzimier

Affiliation: Formely Serpent's Hand

Role: Explorer, archeologist.

Played By: SpookyPizzaSpookyPizza

Phys. Description: Susy was a very short figure with a slightly round body. She had long rigid brown hair and big blue eyes. She was often dressed in a leather coat, a dark purple shirt, black jeans and brown shoes. She had slightly muscular arms and legs.

Background: Susy was born in the middle of 1960 in Brazil, almost one year before her brother's birth. Her childhood was relatively normal yet very boring. She was exposed to the anomalous at the age of 17. This event frightened her and made her curious. She began to venture out to discover the true nature of the world. She loved to travel and hike.

After she went back home. She began to study archeology and deceased religions. While seeking the truth, she was contacted by a member of the Serpent's Hand, she immediately accepted the offer. She worked there as an archeologist. Her archeologist career was quite eventful and often full of success.

In 1980, she saw her father getting shot by the military regime of 1964-85, she didn't know why they killed him, but she later joined the rebel forces to avenge her father. She often avoided using diplomacy and preferred to fight. While she was weak in long range combat, she was a bit strong in close range.

In 1981, she began to have adventures with her brother, ranging from the disastrous to the euphoric. These adventures were often incredibly strange or fascinating. They had many encounters with the anomalous. They sometimes did trips with their mother or other members of the Serpent's Hand. Her bond with her brother grew bigger and closer. During their trips, she often criticized her brother in a joke-ish manner.

In the beginning of 1985, after multiple revolts in her home area, she abandoned her job to fully annihilate the dictatorial regime. Due to this, she was targeted by the government and began to run away from her family and started taking multiple identities to save herself. She died at the age of 25. She got shot multiple times by both agents of the government and accidentally by members of the rebel forces. She eventually died of lead poisoning. Dakzimier found her unconscious body at his doorstep.

Profile: Susy was incredibly sassy during her teenage years, she was quite reserved and had a short temper, this temper grew worse after the death of her father. However, she became more open-minded as years went on and her temper cooled down. While she was still sassy, this sass was more friendly than anything. She was incredibly curious and enthusiastic later on. She was very freedom orientated, clever, and quite independent. She liked to joke about her life and people she met. She was very talkative and a bit obnoxious at some times. She used her social life to vent about her problems. She shared many quirks with her brother. She had a small streak of eccentricity at the end of her life. Susy was often described as the "boss" of the duo. Her being closer to her father lead Susy to possess a small german accent.

Relations: Prior to death

  • Chief Dakzimier: "Oh, my brother, he's quite something. I mean seriously, if he keeps dieting, he's gonna look like a bloody baguette. Yeah, he's quite awesome, well sometimes he's a bit awful. Awful? Awesome? Heh, probably both."

Susy: "And so I told her about this new thing, and there she is, freaking…"
Allan: "Man, you are so full of yourself that we could clone you with one cell."
Susy: "Hey! Stop being such a prick, mister nerd!"
Allan: "Hey! Watch it!"

Excerpt from video footage near the area/1985:

"No, no, this can't be happening, what the hell? Don't worry, Susy, you're safe from them, you'll live through, please don't die on me, we had the best of times and we will have more, remember the green elephants, yeah weren't they cool? No, no, no, you can't! You just can't! Please don't! why?!"

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