Sophie Dresden

Name: Sophie Dresden

Affiliation: None

Role: Part-Time Artificer

Played By: NinjaPhoenixNinjaPhoenix

Phys. Description: Like most people, compared to Morgan she's tiny, despite standing at a rather average 5' 4". Sophie has a small frame, sylphlike figure but a rather unremarkable face. She has dark brown hair and amber colored eyes.

Unlike Morgan, Sophie wears a variety of casual clothing depending on the event and her mood, though in general she tends to wear modest and non-revealing clothes. She is usually ornamented with an assortment of self-made trinkets, ranging from rings to a protective talisman.


Profile: Sophie is shy and reserved around unfamiliar people, while she is more talkative and feels comfortable around Morgan and Joseph. She has grown adept at acting aloof and formal through her interactions with buyers and employers, though she prefers to leave the talking to Morgan.

Sophie takes life slowly and with an appreciation for "art", especially the anomalous kind, she may lose hours, even days, of her life captivated by an artifact she deems beautiful or while in the middle of creating objects or laying enchantments. Her calm approach at life means her emotions are always kept in control and her words deliberate as she takes the time to consider events.

Studious and intelligent Sophie puts a lot of effort into whatever she does. Still somewhat reclusive she is skilled at working with wood, metals and other materials. While her thaumaturgical workings are not as powerful as Morgan's in terms of magnitude, she is more focused and efficient in her workings and she takes longer to cast.

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