Name: Site-57

Location: Hampshire, England

Description: Site-57 is a brand-new, considerably large underground facility within the Foundation's control, outfitted with some of the latest technologies, and in the near-future is intended to house many SCPs of varying object classes related to technological devices.
The site itself also acts as a large server database, capable of storing massive quantities of information and programs. Various departments will be present here, such as the new and recently-established Artificial Intelligence Technologies Development Department (AITDD) and the Software Engineering Department.

In terms of living accommodations within the Site, these are fairly standard and modern, and allow for personnel to comfortably reside within the facility for extended periods of time. However it is noted that, due to the mass quantities of computers present, there is a low, constant hum to be heard, and may take some getting used to upon arriving within the facility's premises.

Personnel working within Site-57 must adhere to strict protocol and rules while working within the facility's 'Active' zones: zones which, without proper management, could cause massive damage to site networks and information alike, and, in worst-case-scenarios, containment breaches.

Departments here

Artificial Intelligence Technologies Development Department (AITDD): This department focuses on the creation and maintenance of AI systems present worldwide within the Foundation, which are used to maintain the integrity of security, and other jobs.

Software Engineering Department: This department is dedicated to creating and advancing computer software for personnel use all across the Foundation's networks. Programs include software used for personal and domestic use, and software used for the management of documents, communications, etc.

Data Management Department: This department is in charge of managing the massive servers present on-site, maintaining the systems' integrity to prevent leaks of what could be considered highly classified documents. Each member of this department is assigned their own alias by Site Management, along with various security codes to keep their real identify confidential, thus protecting the individual.

RP Locations Here

Site-57: The Site in general.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Site-57 Cafeteria: A bustling hub where colleagues come together for their three meals a day, and one of the most opportune locations to exchange gossip unsupervised.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Site-57 Personnel Accommodation Facilities: A large sector containing living quarters suited to all active personnel on-site, including living spaces, games rooms, and the main medical treatment ward within the site.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Site-57 Medical Ward: Personnel often wind up here far more frequently than one would think, despite the facility being wholly computers-technology based. Personnel both working in and being treated at the Ward always have a tale or two to tell, and it's often the best place to hear about things that aren't above your clearance level.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Site-57 AI-Department: A large sector that's devoted to the creation and maintenance of AI systems. Various AIs exist across the site that personnel are perfectly able to communicate and converse with via earpiece or Smart Console.

RP Runs Held Here: None

'The Cloud', 'The Server Hive', 'Server Cloud Plot (S.C.P)': A gargantuan space within the facility dominated by innumerable Server Computers, the S.C.P is generally a no-access zone, and, those who do enter are subject to a full search by on-duty security officers to ensure no items are on the person that could cause magnetic interference with the machines.

RP Runs Held Here: None

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