Name: Site-43

Location: Rhodehampton, Australia

Description: Site-43 is a small, general-purpose Site which stores over 250 Safe and Euclid-class objects. Formerly a Prometheus Laboratories outpost, the building was taken over by Foundation forces following the dissolution of their branch and its acquisition by the Foundation. The site is mostly responsible for holding non-living anomalies, earning it the moniker of "The World's Deadliest Stationery Company".

Due to the somewhat cushy nature of containment, personnel are occasionally transferred to the Site for a virtual holiday, giving them easier work without the stress of dealing with the imminent threat of death. New members of the Foundation are also sent to the Site to get experience without too much death involved. The town outside the Site hosts the on-site living quarters and the scenic Allune Lake is a popular destination for Foundation staff members.

Of course, that's not to say that the Lake is non-anomalous, let alone the town. Thanks to some shenanigans involving maps and reality, if you attempt to go to the town without a map which leads to it, all you'll find is a cluster of trees and a stretch of road that seems to stop right outside the forest. Reports of the lake flickering in and out of sepia tone are a frequent occurence, and the Island on Land can't possibly exist, but does anyway.

And then there's the matter of the giant void in Prometheus' Storage Sector 9…

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RP Locations Here

Site-43: The Site in general.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Site-43 Common Room B: The common room of the Site. Hosts at least one arcade machine and the infinite coffee pot. Frequently inhabited at the weirdest hours of the night, much to the chagrin of the people working there.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Allune Lake: The premier destination for Foundation people to take a swim and unwind from the stresses of day-to-day life. Just watch out for the sepia-toned water and you shouldn't need to wash too much dye out of your skin.

RP Runs Held Here: None

The Island on Land: Accessible via a large clump of water where a sand dune should be, the Island on Land is an island in the middle of an infinite ocean.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Storage Sector 9: A storage space approximately 1900 times bigger on the inside than it should be, the Prometheus Storage Sector 9 is home to various experiments inanimate, living, dead and all things in between.

RP Runs Held Here: Under construction

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