Site 26


Name: Site-26

Location: Site-26 resides inside and under the western peak of Mt Olympus in the state of Washington.

Description: Site-26 is an average sized armed Euclid containment site that is often used to house items and entities in transfer to other sites. The site functions as a staging area for mobile task forces as well, serving as home for MTF Kappa-32 “Ravens Fly North”. The site is commonly referred to as "The Nest" because of this.

Departments here

Euclid Containment Wing: A large section of the facility used to contain euclid class anomalies. Composition varies throughout the two sections between multiple areas of storage lockers, standard containment rooms, and specialized containment rooms. The containment areas are broken down into different levels with cells, each cell holding three to ten containment chambers and their respective anomaly.

Euclid Research Wing: Built the same as much research areas. Self-contained and able to be tailored to certain anomalies. Used to test many different aspects of said anomalies. The rooms themselves are usually white and well stocked with lab equipment. Usual for a research lab. Some research labs are specialized to specific anomalies and therefore look different or have a different equipment setup.

Keter Staging Area: A large area deep within Site-26. The area has most supplies necessary to quickly create a specialized containment room for when keter class object is staged on site during its transfer or is being temporarily stored there until a new permanent containment can be built.

Foundation Training grounds: Site-26 has a second function and cover story of being a training grounds for new recruit and combat specialization.They are above the facility on the mountain surface in the forest that grows there. Training courses included; survival training, basic and advance rifle training, sniper training, evasion training, and off road driving courses. Many of these areas overlap so multiple training sessions are rarely scheduled on the same day.

RP Locations Here

Site-26: The Site in general.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Site-26 Cafeteria: Site-26 cafeteria is made up of two areas, one being the standard food line and vending machines and another being something like a store or market place with pre packaged and cooked meals for quick access. The two are separated by the large seating area and an open double doorway.

RP Runs Held Here: None

The Corbie's Feather: A small on site bar named after Kappa-32. It is a warmly decorated bar room with a few arcade machines, a billiards table, and a Foosball table. The bar is always well stocked and while it is the usual hang out for task force members all are welcome to drink and eat so long as they are off duty.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Euclid containment Wing: Just about what you would expect from a containment wing. A bunch of containment cells. They are sorted vertically deep into the ground with stair access as well as a large tram system that spirals to each floor with small ten person cabs.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Keter Staging Area: A single large area at the bottom of the Euclid containment area. The cell is bare but made to be customized with forward notice to hold keter items in transit.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Foundation Training grounds: A large wooded area on the surface. Many trails are worn through the area from vehicles and foot traffic a like. Areas within are marked as live, not live and no fire areas. sections go from driving courses to sniper training fields. Anything you would need and the bunkers and building there to supply you for it.

RP Runs Held Here: None

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