Shiosai Ike

Name: Shiosai Ike

Affiliation: Foundation/Unknown

Role: Extratemporal Affairs/Unknown - Assists in the neutralisation of causal loops and invasive alternate timelines. Further roles unknown.

Played By: Jack IkeJack Ike

Phys. Description: Six feet two inches in height. Caucasian, light tan. Short dark hair, typically messy or ruffled. Dark blue eyes. Mild Australian accent. Appears to be in mid to late twenties. Never seen to get older.

Background: Simply put, Shiosai never existed and thus, doesn't have a complete background. The only source of information regarding his history is himself, and he has proven to be an unreliable narrator on multiple occasions. He celebrates his birthday every May 5th, but has never provided a birth year nor a definite age, only saying he was born during the third millennium CE (2000 through to 2999). In excess of forty potential relatives have been discovered by use of genetic profiling - which, if any, are or were his immediate family is unknown, but statements made by Shiosai suggest his parents have not yet been born, and may not be for several generations.

Shiosai spent the majority of his prepubescent life within the borders of Australia. He claims he was recruited into the Foundation at an indeterminate point for unknown reasons - reoccurring themes are recruitment due to his mental prowess or induction into the D-Class regimen, with the latter being dismissed as false. Shiosai was involved in an unknown experiment or project that intentionally or unintentionally resulted in him becoming chronologically desynchronised, thus removing his existence from the timeline, inhibiting his ability to age and enabling him to alter points in time without being affected by such changes.

The majority of information regarding Shiosai within this timeline is heavily classified, assumedly to prevent potential causal loops or self-fulfilling prophecies that he would personally prevent - perhaps the extensive classification of his documents are the result of him doing exactly that. He was encountered by the Foundation as early as the 20th century, has knowledge of multiple Level 5 documents across the Foundation database and has assisted the Foundation on countless occasions. Despite this, the possibility of him being affiliated with a hostile Group of Interest cannot be confirmed as false.

Profile: Shiosai is quite visibly cold and focused on his objectives, rarely caring about the emotions and wellbeing of others unless he has to. His humour is extremely dark and crude, frequently crossing the border into the territory of outright offensive. Shiosai will do anything required to complete his 'mission' or achieve his 'objective', including things considered far too taboo to be considered by normal Foundation employees - his immense age and the requirement of his job has rendered him jaded.

Shiosai has a prominent aversion to answering questions regarding his history and will respond in the form of riddles or humour, or will outright refuse to answer; to an extent, this is because he himself cannot accurately remember.

  • Dr. Alanna Ellis - "Remembers the robot incident. Need to keep an eye on her - and keep her away from 868."
  • Dr. Hershel Thorne - "Fuckwit."
  • Vitaly Artyukhov - "Russian guy. Remembers nothing, no problems there. Friendly guy."
  • Andy Macquire - "The other new guy. Need to meet him again too."
  • Chief Dakzimier - "An annoying, faulty AI stuck in an outdated printer. Note to self: Remember to get him put in a faraday cage for forty years."
  • Aaron Burke - "Vaguely remembers something he shouldn't. Amnestics should fix it."
  • ??? - "He'll be back."

Additional Notes:

  • Shiosai is one of the few, if not the only character/s that can remember archived events from before the reboot.
  • On May 5th every year, between 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM local time, Shiosai will be found sitting at a table in the north-western corner of a specific cafe in Darwin, Australia. There never has been, nor will be, an exception to this under any circumstances.
  • Shiosai has always managed to survive by unknown means, regardless of the wounds he incurs. It is not uncommon for him to be dragged out of sight by an unidentified individual when incapacitated.
  • He always keeps a bottle of mild-strength aerosol amnestics on-hand. He also always keeps a timepiece on hand - the type of timepiece varies, the simplest observed being a miniature, wrist-mounted sundial.
  • Shiosai frequently refers to certain people as 'assets,' the majority of which are Foundation personnel.
  • When asked, Shiosai will state his favourite handheld game is "Pokémon Delta Emerald Version".

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