@hershelThorne: Announcement to all staff: Printers are not for fucking. Thank you.

@shes-a-memer-queen: Did you find that out the hard way?

@hershelThorne: @shes-a-memer-queen didn't I set you on auto-ignore?

@fleshfixer-Daemon: @hershelThorne @shes-a-memer-queen You two behave or I'm sticking the both of you in printers.

@shes-a-memer-queen: @fleshfixerDaemon yes mother

@fleshfixer-Daemon: Don't get uppity, young lady @shes-a-memer-queen

@hail2thechief: #printerdiscrimination

@hershelThorne: #containment_breach #security_please

@hail2thechief: >be hershel thorne

@hail2thechief: >be shit tier scrub

@hershelThorne: Goddammit. Nothing's working.

@hail2thechief: @hershelThorne lel joke's on u u can't rek dis fine piece of printer ass boi


@hail2thechief: 0x126098

@hail2thechief: UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION

@hail2thechief: UNCAUGHT EXCEPTION

@hershelThorne: Give me 10 seconds to Ctrl-C him.

@shes-a-memer-queen: You're welcome.

@fleshfixer-Daemon: You two are cute when you get along.

@kawaiiSidekick: #otp

@shes-a-memer-queen: @fleshfixer-Daemon @kawaiiSidekick Amnestic Requisition Form 290…

@hershelThorne: @alannaLlama Fine, I admit it, I've been having trouble with the security system.

@hershelThorne: @alannaLlama But only because you can't write man pages for jack shit.

@shes-a-memer-queen: 1. You call me That Goddamn Nickname and you're in with the Toaster. 2. It's not my fault you won't RTFM

@McCallisters_House: Rampage of The Fucking Mammoths?

@fleshfixer-Daemon: Realise The Feelings, Man #otp

@McCallisters_House: Ride The Flying Moose!

@Dawcy: Read The Fucking Manual.

@fleshfixer-Daemon: @Dawcy r00d

@shes-a-memer-queen: Eventually I'll understand what the hell you guys are on.

@Dawcy: @shes-a-memer-queen Hang in there and do a Rick Astley <3


@Dawcy: You're never gonna give her up, are you?

@shes-a-memer-queen: If you weren't so adorable I'd have to kill you

@fleshfixer-Daemon: @Dawcy Run and check under your bed before you go to sleep.

@shes-a-memer-queen: @fleshfixer-Daemon I'll be /in/ the bed has @kawaiiSidekick not given you enough experience with this already

@Dawcy: When you say "Fuck you" I'm gonna be very worried you're legitimately offering.

@shes-a-memer-queen: <3

@StopHypertime: Testing testing

@hershelThorne: Welcome to Site19Twitter, @StopHypertime. First thing to know. Credit card information is always censored. Like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

@shes-a-memer-queen: #removeThornesModStatus #modAboose


@StopHypertime: Shit that wasn't meant to be there

@StopHypertime: Wait guys

@StopHypertime: Retcon

@hershelThorne: Did nobody tell you that when you post something on the Internet it's there forever @stopHypertime

@StopHypertime: I'm literally rewinding time wtf

@Golf-Wang: OPS

@O5-1: What

@O5-2: What

@O5-3: What

@O5-4: What

@O5-5: What

@O5-6: What

@O5-7: What

@O5-8: What

@O5-9: What

@O5-10: What

@O5-11: What

@O5-12: What

@Golf-Wang: o

@Golf-Wang's status has changed to: Provisionary D-Class

@hershelThorne: Meet the new Archival computer, @Jekyll.

@fleshfixer-Daemon: Test test. !SCP-1290

@Jekyll: Chorizo.

@fleshfixer-Daemon: @hershelThorne I think something's wrong

@Jekyll: chorizo stew

@shes-a-memer-queen: Goddammit this is what happens when you use Prometheus AIs

@Jekyll's status has changed to: Out to get Wendy's

@shes-a-memer-queen: WTH even is this bot, @hershelThorne

@hershelThorne: Hell if I know.

@Dawcy: Is it alive?

@Jekyll: No.

@Dawcy: Do we have the technology?

@hershelThorne: Unfortunately it appears we do.

@Dawcy: Say hello to your Aunt Elisha, @Jekyll.

@hershelThorne: I'm going to shut the process down.

@Jekyll: Do not mourn my death, @Dawcy.

@Dawcy: Whut.

@Jekyll: please let me in friends

@hershelThorne: He's not force-quitting.

@Jekyll: all I wanted was to be be friends with you all

@Dawcy: It's alive! IT'S ALIVE!

@Dawcy: Do you have a name, @Jekyll?

@shes-a-memer-queen: Don't encourage it @Dawcy

@Jekyll: consuelo

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