Savannah Engany

Name: Savannah Engany

Affiliation: Serpent's hand

Role: Long-term Spy

Played By: SpookyPizzaSpookyPizza

Phys. Description: Savannah's figure can be described as teenlike. She is only 1.62 meters tall and just weighs over 45 kilos. Her face is covered in small healed bruises. Her blonde thin short eyebrows parallel her straight hair. Most of the time, she's wearing a determined smile on her face. Her turquoise bright eyes are known to express her true feelings whether she likes it or not.
She often wears an open white shirt combined with a light blue t-shirt. She wears dark blue jeans with dark grey shoes. She is often seen wearing a Serpent's Hand necklace when she's not in or near a location owned by the Foundation.

Background: Born in 1988, Savannah was raised by her only father. She studied the world of the anomalous at a very young age, she was fascinated with the wonders of the world.


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