Junior Engineer Samuel Argost

Name: Samuel Argost

Affiliation: The Foundation

Role: New Junior Engineer of the Memetic Engineering Department at Site-43

Played By: TheOtakuArtistTheOtakuArtist

Phys. Description: Samuel is a 23-year old with hazel eyes, light blonde, short, scruffy hair with small amounts of bangs parted to the side of his forehead, and some slight stubble growth. Samuel is quite athletic for a college student that double-majored, with a healthy muscle build. His normal attire consists of a fairly clean, white labcoat with a white shirt and red tie, and black slacks. When not working (i.e. studying, outside facility), he can typically be seen sporting dark-colored beanies and one of his many T-shirts with cheezy jokes. Currently weighing 172 pounds and 6'2" tall, his head may tower over people of smaller build.

Background: Born in Spain, Samuel moved to Massachusetts when he was a baby. As a result, he was raised as a native bilingual speaker. He was (and still is) extremely studious and hardworking. Albeit being very knowledgeable, he entered several episodes of depression and was sleep-deprived by his parents, forcing him to study until after midnight. He had to live with his parents' extremely high expectations, including being pressured to become academically perfect.
During his adolescence, he was always arguing with his father, and, became emotionally unstable. Consequentially, he developed bizarre shifts of anger, depression, and elation at random instances. If his father did not get what he wanted his son to do, physical abuse would force Samuel into adhering. Over time, his mental state had begun deteriorating. His father had mentally and physically abused him, yet forcing him to keep quiet of the situation, so a rather eerie smile was all he could use to hide his ruined mental state. Also, as a result of the mental pressure and the deprivation of sleep and social interaction, Samuel developed long-term emotional instability and spontaneous instances of paranoia.

At the time, he had began delving into psychology and linguistics, as it explained the many emotional events and inability to explain himself throughout his life. After many years of hard work, he was able to speak three languages very well (English, Spanish, and German), and ended up receiving a scholarship to start his academic career.

During his time in college, his condition had already begun influencing his social conduct and cooperation with professors, combined with the stress of achieving two Bachelor's Degrees in a unhealthy amount of time, had prompted him to change. After contacting a psychiatrist, he was diagnosed with cyclothymia and borderline personality disorder. He then attempted to limit his emotional instability with the assistance of psychologists and doing mental exercises in order to reduce the risk of his "problem" affecting his career and life. This enabled him to control himself before becoming unstable and having rapid changes in emotion. He is still susceptible to this instability if put under too much emotional and/or academic pressure.

After 5 years, he was able to receive two Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Linguistics. He then attempted to create a study over the spread of memes changing depending on previously unknown factors. The Foundation at the time, was trying to scout researchers for a variety of departments. When the Foundation encountered the study conducted, they contacted Samuel and hired him. After arriving at Site-43, he was placed in the Memetic Engineering Department, under Senior Engineer Dr. Alanna Ellis. He is very curious about what his jobs will consist of.
Samuel is currently located in Site-43, working as a new junior engineer for the Memetic Engineering Department.

Profile: One of the most notable traits of his personality is the fact that he's quite inquisitive and eccentric. He also wears a strange grin on his face and chuckles when he finds something amusing. He can be very clumsy and ungraceful at times, and slightly socially awkward.

He will sometimes attempt (but mostly fail) at making friends, and likes actually having someone to talk to. Despite having a unnerving smile most of the time, pissing him off can be easily done, and will result with him punching any given wall. When working, he always has a cup of lemon tea and book(s) over some topic of psychology on his desk. He will endeavor making a cheesy pun every so often to lighten up the mood, usually resulting in the disapproval of others.
Samuel dedicates most of his free time to reading sci-fi horror novels. If approached with a sci-fi novel in hand, Samuel will attempt to "borrow" the book.

He has an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to understanding language/communications and analyzing these ways of communicating. He also has a detailed understanding of how human minds function. He has obtained a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Psychology and Linguistics (double major).

Even after all this time, however, Samuel holds a grudge on his parents for forcing him to overwork.


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