1. You are REQUIRED to at LEAST be 15 years of age to be in this site. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is for YOUR safety (And the possible preservation of sanity). Failure to meet this oh-so-simple criterion will result in the standard protocol being carried out as it would on mainsite.

2. No excessive use of vulgar language/expletives. This one is fairly simple to understand. The same applies for derogatory statements/racial slurs/homophobic slurs, etc. If you are seen using any of the latter you will be given a warning by a staff member.

3. Be RESPECTFUL to other members of the site. If a site member says something you disagree with, be mature. Do not expect everyone to have the same opinions as you do.

4. If a member says or does something offensive, CALMLY address a MODERATOR or ADMINISTRATOR. If you think a staff member is being unfair, contact a DIFFERENT staff member. Do NOT try to fix EITHER situation by yourself or with the aid of other members. Staffers are here for a reason, and we ask that you contact us when you need us.

5. Do NOT spam the site. Please. The site is supposed to be a place for all, and we would very much appreciate it that you do NOT repeatedly spam nonsensical or annoying messages.

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