Riley Graham

Name: MTFO Riley Graham

Role: Cyborg Courier

Player: Aiden Eldritch

Phys. Description: Riley is a relatively short and chunky black woman, not least due to her augmented limbs - thanks to their heavy-duty construction, her arms and legs are powerful, if fairly stocky. Outside of operations, Riley typically wears the loose polo and slacks, with modifications for the weather, including but not limited to vests in the cold and shorts in the heat. She usually cuts her black hair short with streaks of blue, while she's also often seen with sunglasses.

Background: Growing up in Three Portlands, Riley was steeped in the anomalous culture from a young age and grew to love running around the city as both a fast way of transport (due to the lack of car-suited roads) and as an exhilirating rush, relishing the speed and the freedom it afforded her. Setting up a transdimensional courier business, she used the money to augment herself and her employees.

Keen eyes at Argo Automotive soon got her and her business merged with theirs. As part of the Argo Automotive Applied Paraeconomics Division, Riley was assigned to help ferry packages back and forth between the future Argo and the present Argo: during the GFC and the catastrophic effect it had on the car company, Riley was laid off and absorbed into the Foundation as part of Operation VIRIDIAN CANINE.

Profile: Riley is a goals-first, focussed speedster who's spent a lot of her adult life working with the temporal side of the anomalous world. As part of what was an active time loop herself for seven years, she has a head for the time-screw gig and is well-accustomed to both the physical and mental effects of working with colleagues with active disregards for cause and effect.

She's most often found in good spirits, and has the typical reckless abandon you find in the eccentric community of Three Portlands, vigorously attacking every second of her job with optimism and humour. This closeness with the anomalous world does, however, make her somewhat opposed to containment, as well as increasing her status as a threat or asset for the anomalous community.

Character Relationships

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