Richard Urstwick

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Personnel File

Director, Site-43

Senior Liaison Officer, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

FEN: 052-5279134
SECURITY CLEARANCE: 4/S-43, 4/2003/SUP-EC, Alpha-3, Beta-4/S-11, Gamma-5/PEC

Identifying Characteristics

DOB: 1946/March/17
H: 1.88m±0.12m
W: 79.37kg±1.63kg
Eyes: Corrective lenses, Blue(Silver)
Hair: Grey, Full. Facial removed.
Blood Type: B-
Haplogroups: Y-Chromosomal - A-M13 : mtDNA - B
Retinal Codex: 1n512da637op242n216234A2.d3162d#4261
Vocal Imprint: 623.162773116BNTLQQnQ/105
Epidermal Fluctuations: 01.6476+1158-766.16+87746/Sv9
Religious Affiliations: Yemenite Judaism (Apocryphal)

Departmental Qualifications

Memetics and Cognitohazards - Sigma-4 "Prophylaxis and Identification"
Human Resources - Omicron-2 "Administrative"
Ethics - Alpha-1.nTau "Adjunct Officer"
Extratemportal and Multiversal Affairs - Lambda-1 "Kirk"
Containment Engineering - Beta-6
Internal Response Security - Upsilon-Rho-7 "Noncombat Administrative"
External Response Security - Vice-Senior Counter-Tactical
External Security - Alpha-9 "Liaison Officer"
Global Logistics - Alpha-1 "Bookbinder"

Miscellaneous Notation

Language Fluency: American English, Israeli Hebrew, Modern Standard Arabic, Modern Russian
Milgram Obedience Index: 98.65
Psychic resistance bullshit and other things I'll have to find in scips

Curriculum Vitae

BS Physics, BS Business (AA Accounting, Project Management Focus) – University of California-Berkeley, 1968.

  • Award: Summa Cum Laude

MS Applied Physics – Johns Hopkins University, 1983

  • Thesis: "Realtime Tracking and Global Communication" - ILOF Quarterly, 1982/May/22

MBA/MS Biotechnology – Johns Hopkins University, 1988

  • Thesis: "Plausible Applications of Advanced Silico-Carbide Sentiences," Drs. H. Malechovich, G. Grigori, A. Aang, et al. - WHO Journal of Artificial Biology, 1988/September/12

MBE1 – Johns Hopkins University, 1996

  • Thesis: "On Life and the Implications Thereof" - Unpublished

Employment History

Major, United States Army: 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command – 1968-1980

  • Active Tour of Duty: Second Indochina War – 1968-1971
  • Research: Kwajalein Missile Range, Marshall Islands – 1971-1980
    • Notable Projects: LIM-49A Spartan, RIM-67 Standard ER

Lieutenant Commander, United States Coast Guard: Surface Forces Logistics Center, Asset Logistics Division – 1980-1988

  • Notable Projects: AFNWRF, Establishment of CGCCC and related protocols.

Project Lead, Joint DARPA/Prometheus Laboratories-Annapolis – 1989-1998

  • Notable Projects: [REDACTED]

Adjunct Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University - 1991-1994

  • Seminars: "Inter-Global Transit Coordination and Management," "Macroinfrastructuralization," "The India Paradox"

Junior Professor, Johns Hopkins University - 1994-1996

  • Course: MDA3592-H - "Leto's Diaspora"

Senior Commercial Officer, Foundation, Site-11 – 1999-2003
Junior Liaison Officer, Foundation, United Stated Department of Defense - 2002-2006
Protocol Review Specialist, Foundation, Armed Site-47 – 2003-2009
Senior Liaison Officer, Foundation, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff - 2010-Present
Director, Foundation, Site-43 – 2012-Present


Society of American Engineers: ROTC SAME Award
American Defense Preparedness Association: ROTC Gold Key Award
United States Army: Meritorious Service Medal
United States Army: Vietnam Service Medal
Republic of Vietnam: Gallantry Cross Unit Citation Ribbon with Bronze Star
United States Coast Guard: Legion of Honor Medal, Legionnaire Degree
United States Coast Guard: Special Operations Service Ribbon
United States Armed Forces: Joint Service Commendation Medal, "V" Device
United States Armed Forces: Defense Distinguished Service Medal
United States Armed Forces: Antarctica Service Medal, Silver Device
United States Armed Forces: Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Foundation: Adjunct Ethics Committee Commission

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