Nikodemus Blackwood

Name: Nikodemus Blackwood

Affiliation: Foundation, Formerly MC&D

Alias(es) Niko, Nik, CJM.

Role: Anomalous Entity

Played By: Eibon1307Eibon1307

Phys. Description: Nikodemus, when in a solid form, appears to be 6'2 and has a muscular, but still large body frame. His hair is a white-blonde color, formerly brown, and is shoulder length, typically held in a pony tail. His face is angular and well defined, with a square jaw clean of any stubble. His eyes are a piercing emerald green color, and are unobstructed by glasses. When in his true form, he appears to take one of two shapes; either a humanoid form with the familiar outlines of his human form, but transparent and tinted with a glowing green inner light, or a large mass of writhing gelatinous goo, forming eyes, tentacles, and other limbs and appendages when needed.

Background: Nikodemus was born as the oldest of three children to a happy couple in their late 20's. Growing up, he was always flanked by his baby brother Diaval, whom he deemed the treasured child, and had many resentments towards him due to the large amounts of attention Diaval is given. After reaching his teenage years, those resentments began to fade, and he and Diaval spent time together doing the things they had in common.

After graduating High School, Nikodemus went to college to become a structural engineer and architect. Finishing top in his class, Nikodemus went on to a firm in New York where he made a name for himself designing and building large skyscrapers and buildings for companies from all over the world. This attention brought the eyes of a company called Marshall, Carter, and Dark to his doorstep.

Being given a contract to help study, image, and recreate a structure found in a dig site by the company, Nikodemus would make a larger name for himself and would be given the fame of producing a replica of a lost building of great import.1 Learning his brother was being considered for the head of the site he would be working with, Nikodemus said yes on the condition that Diaval was chosen. Agreeing to the demand, the contract was signed and Nikodemus found himself a world away on a dig site with his baby brother.

While at the dig, Nikodemus was imaging and studying the structure, a kind of temple, when a large meteor crashed through the roof of the main building and destroyed a large portion of the temple. Waking up dazed, Nikodemus tried to investigate the impact when he was attacked by a large luminescent mass of gelatinous substance that had crawled from the meteor. As the mass attacked, it forced it's way into Nikodemus body through any viable opening, including cuts and lesions he had suffered during the impact. Passing out from the pain of the organism entering him, Nikodemus woke 2 weeks later in a closed off cell in a building owned by a group known only as The Foundation.

It was then he learned he had been infected by an entity and was no longer human. The creature changed him both mentally, fusing it's conscious with his and forcing the two to become one, as well as physically, turning his body into the same gelatinous substance that had invaded him. His brother Diaval had been brought in, and due to his studies was offered a role at the Foundation and given access to Nikodemus to try to cure him. To this day, Nikodemus and Diaval reside at one of the many Sites the Foundation has world wide, and remains in containment as a Euclid class SCP.

Profile: Nikodemus is a very intelligent and had the pick of the litter towards any school and subject he wanted. Choosing Architecture and Structural Engineering, Nikodemus took to it like a fish to water. After his incident, Nikodemus changed both mentally and physically. He is still himself for the most part, but is also the creature within him. His body is also reminiscent of the creature. He can change shape at will hold whatever form he chooses. He takes his orignial form, with some variations to reflect his inhuman nature, but will change to one of his other forms depending on his mood. His disposition is fairly well considering his circumstances, but at times he becomes angry or rueful of his fate. It is at these times he lashes out, allowing the more monsterous side of himself to take over. At these times, he is put in full lockdown, having hurt Foundation security staff in the past.

Due to his anomalous nature, he does not eat normal food much, and when he does it is through a type of osmosis in which he engulfs the food through his body and dissolves it. He is highly resistant to many forms of harm such as physical trauma, gunshots, knife wounds, and has shown high fire resistance, radiation immunities, and the ability to dissolve and break down poisonous substances. Cold seems to weaken and slow him, but due to a fear of developing a resistance, this is only used as a method of breach prevention when in an emergency. All attempts to cure or remove the parasite have failed.


Diaval Blackwood: Nikodemus little brother. Diaval, or D as Nikodemus calls him, works tirelessly to cure Nikodemus, even though Nikodemus suspects he cannot be cured, nor will he ever be human again.


"D. You gotta get some sleep baby brother. You cannot afford to make a mistake due to sleep deprivation. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that happened." - To his brother one late night

"Why did you stay D. You could have had your life back. You could have went back home. To mom and dad. To Lain. Think of them. They think we're dead, and for all intents and purposes we are. The suffering they must have gone through, and are going through still. I cannot bare to think of it." - Upon hearing Diaval chose to stay.

"I… I did that?! Oh dear God. Please D. Freeze me. Put me in cryo, SOMETHING! Do not let me hurt anyone else!" - Nikodemus after a breach2

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