Morgan Langtry

Name: Morgan Langtry

Affiliation: None


Played By: NinjaPhoenixNinjaPhoenix

Phys. Description: Towering over most people, Morgan describes himself as “7 feet and small change”. He has short black hair with dark brown eyes and keeps his stubble trimmed and short.

Morgan wears a black cloak over his clothing, which are usually t-shirts with images or quotes printed on, and jeans. Furthermore when working he occasionally wears a pair of non-prescription glass which he claims was his late father’s.

Background: Morgan was violently separated from his family when he was only 10 years old, the Serpents Hand executed a raid on a GOC facility where Morgan's parents had been working and Morgan was the only one to survive. It was not too long after the raid that Morgan discovered that he had become a Type Blue, reckless and hungry Morgan began using these newfound abilities to rob stores for food and money.

He was eventually caught by the police and after being acquitted he was sent to live in an orphanage. As Morgan was a small child he was an easy target for bullies and he would humor them, eventually developing a knack for snarky remarks to the chagrin of the other boys. They eventually realized that their bulling had little to no effect on Morgan and so they began to look for other kids to bully. They inadvertently struck a nerve when Morgan saw them picking on another kid, he reasoned that as long as they tormented him others would be safe. Morgan's violent response attracted the attention of Joseph McCoy, another Type Blue who noticed that Morgan punched with an anomalously increased amounts of force.

He soon returned and adopted Morgan. McCoy taught him the how and whys of using his powers so as to not attract the attention of anomalous groups, which "never ends well". As his years in school neared to an end, Morgan agreed to work in the occult bookstore that McCoy owned and operated alone.

When Morgan turned 24 years old, McCoy decided to retire and left him to manage the shop. Morgan is quite content working there, he spends most of his time relaxing and talking to customers. As he created a friendly rapport with the customers they began to come to Sophie and Morgan for help, initially mundane things such as finding lost property or simple advice. It was inevitable that, as word spread around, someone with a major problem would come to them for help.

He met Sophie when she stumbled into the store, on the run from members of the Chaos Insurgency who were using her as a test subject for the various artifacts they had. Furious, Morgan took it upon himself to ensure that those members of the CI wouldn't be torturing innocents "in the name of science" anymore.

Morgan agreed to allow Sophie to live and work under him, manning the tills and whatever else Morgan isn't bothered to do. She also wanted Morgan to teach her thaumaturgy.

Through various similar encounters Morgan slowly accrued a reputation for helping people and he was quickly swamped with requests from others. Corporations like the Foundation began hiring him for work as a consultant on anomalous artifacts.

Profile: Morgan workings are far less refined than Sophie's. Where he lacks in subtlety he more than make up for in raw power, Morgan's thaumaturgical workings pack a punch due to the amount of energy he can handle.

Initially Morgan's sarcasm was a willful decision made to annoy his bullies though this deliberate choice evolved into a pathological need to snark, landing him and as an extension, Sophie, into more trouble than they would like. Another remnant from their time before McCoy, is that Morgan feels an irrational need to help the helpless putting it before rhyme or reason, especially so towards Sophie.

Despite being a genuinely friendly person, his choice of attire and contrasting stature with Sophie, the people he meets are initially wary or outright terrified of him.

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