Mike Sanders

Name: Mike Sanders

Affiliation: Foundation

Role: Junior Researcher

Played By: Miki BrockMiki Brock

Phys. Description: Mike is a slim young man of average height and Caucasic descent. He's also quite skinny, but he's somewhat stronger than he looks. He also has black eyes and short brown hair; interestingly, he wears glasses even when he doesn't need them. Often wears black t-shirts and Blue Jeans under his lab coat.

Background: Mike was born on June 25th, 1987 in Marghera, a city near Venice, where his family had moved for a job opportunity. Unfortunately, his father died in a car accident when he was 16 months old. This caused Mike's mother to take the child back to the US, where the family came from before Mike's birth. During this period, Mike developed anomalous glands under the skin of his torso for unknown reasons.

The glands were able to mimic the surrounding tissue's characteristics, in order to stay unobserved, and were recognizable only to the most complex screening techniques, to which they appeared as little spheroidal organs with a brown cuticle. Subsequent genetical testings revealed that the glands' genetics didn't match Mike's, and looked like it was crafted by a machine.

Mike lived the life of a normal child until he was 13. Shortly after his 13th birthday, he became friends with one of his classmates, named Linda. She was an orphan, too, having lost both her parents in a plane accident, and she also looked after her little sister, to which she acted like a mother. Mike did't know yet, but Linda too had those anomalous glands under her skin.

One day, while Mike was talking with Linda, a group of rowdy students begun picking on him. After becoming bored with teasing him, they tried to beat him up. In that moment, both Mike and Linda's glands let out their contents, in response to their fear stimuli.

The compound, made out of steroid hormones somewhat similar to testosterone, acted on muscle cells in females that the host could associate with a motherly figure, increasing their density and overall strength, while also creating quasi-parental bonds between the two individuals.

It bound to Linda's muscle and nerve cells, allowing her to defend Mike and herself against the bullies. This sudden turn of events revealed to the Foundation the existence of that kind of glands when a Foundation agent read through school reports that Linda, a girl that never was particularly fit, lifted a 75kg guy overhead.

Having taken interest in the children, the Foundation falsified the school's records and the children were taken into custody. Arriving at the Foundation, Mike discovered that Linda had those glands on her forearms. Being housed at Site-26, they were provided with an education by members of staff who were suited to the task and were studied and monitored. During the years, the Foundation found other kids hosting the glands, and housed them with Mike and Linda.

After he turned 21, their glands atrophied, since their goal was protecting the hosts as long as they were children. Having grown quite fond of his new home at the Foundation, Mike asked to stay and join the ranks of Foundation staff. Due to his life spent there and growing up in the habits of living at the Foundation, he was granted his request, filling in the role of Junior Researcher, housed on Site-26 and studying other kids like him.

Profile: Mike's usually a kind and shy person, so he's a bit out of his habitat in the Foundation's cold atmosphere, and he's always ready to help and support his friends and colleagues. Sometimes, though, he sinks to the bottom of his psyche, letting an emotionless self take control. When this happens, his usually childish humor turns into biting sarcasm.
Being one of the oldest and first contained kids in Site-26, Mike passed his teen years looking after the ones like him and became an expert in how to treat children, eventually becoming a valuable resource in caring for children. He also hates being treated like "the Junior".
Although he is a dedicated scientist, Mike is a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy books and movies, an interest sometimes frowned upon in the Foundation as the place where science-fiction and fantasy are reality, and a dangerous one. Before being taken into Foundation's custody, he loved playing videogames, and even now, while unobserved, slips a Nintendo Game Boy Advance out of his lab coat.
He's also a Metal music fan, and he has a whole compilation of classic metal songs inherent with the Foundation's mood, that he listens while on duty.

Musical Themes
Main "in the Foundation" theme: Metallica-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Containment breach theme: Iron Maiden-Fear of the Dark
Combat theme: Manowar-Warriors of the World United

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