Meet the Staff

Staffers, ops, moderators and admins, call them what you will, these are the people who we rely on to 'get shit done', as they say. Trustworthy people that enforce our rules to ensure the games stay fair, build and format campaigns and runs, take care of the (majority) of logs and everything in-between we need to function, these are the folks that maintain the gears of the community as we know it.
- This Is War



ID: ApoplexicApoplexic

One of two people that actually 'gets shit done', Apoplexic is one hell of a writer and can cook up some pretty interesting plot devices. Check out his work, really. It'll blow your damned mind.
Probably once died fighting off Trump supporters, but came back to life again because he's so badass.

Generally responds to 'Apo' or Apoplexic.


ID: Aiden EldritchAiden Eldritch

The other guy who 'gets shit done', AidenEldritch is another talented writer; punny, alliterative, and generally humorous. Is responsible for a fair amount of run logs and run summaries (Which are both interesting and amusing to read). Likes a lot of, and I quote, "~Banter~". Also draws shit. Good shit.

Generally responds to 'AidenEldritch', 'Aiden', 'AE', 'Eldritch Artefact', 'Snugglewumps'


Varren Erelim

ID: Varren ErelimVarren Erelim

That guy.
Nah I'm kidding.
Varren's one of the frequent chat-goers, and tends to be a friendly and chatty individual who is exceptionally good at lending a helping hand to people. Great to have a conversation with whenever you need it, too.
Poke him. See what happens. Don't tell him I sent you.

Generally responds to 'Varren' or Varren_Erelim

(This page is subject to update as more staff are added/we actually find out something about our current staff besides their name)

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