Martin "Marty" Oxford

Name: Martin "Marty" Oxford

Affiliation: Global Occult Coalition.

Role: Official Liaison to Foundation Affairs

Played By: LordStonefishLordStonefish

Phys. Description: Short, balding, Caucasian. Has large green eyes made larger by his thick glasses. Strong, but hunched. Unconventionally handsome but too dweeby for anyone to care. Typically wears a tweed suit and bow tie when off business and a Mk VII Standard Field Dress when taking care of things.

Background: A talented soldier who had a scarring run-in with a Type Green and suffered some sort of unspecified embarrassment. Oxford was reassigned to diplomatic work, eventually ending up as a permanent position as a Foundation Liaison at Site-43. He mostly works with the Site-Director, supervising administrational matters that pertain to Coalition Affairs, including record keeping and containment. He's kind of looked down upon as a joke by Foundation members. Still extremely loyal to the Coalition, as they essentially saved what was left of his life, but is gradually getting to enjoy the Foundation and the people who work there.

Profile: Marty is a gentle soul most days, although he tends to get very fussy when things aren't being done "his" way. Still enjoys the company of friends, although he frets that he drives people away. Has deep-seated self confidence issues. Awkward most times, he manages to be charming through his stuttering. Very rigid about following rules and making things are done to protocol. Has panic attacks when the Foundation does something the GOC wouldn't approve of, and constantly worries about what his superiors might say. This carries over into fieldwork, where he will supervise mission that have interest to the GOC. Here, his confidence as a soldier temporarily returns, and he becomes closer to his former self in skill and attitude.

Despite his rigidity, he is quirky with a fondness for foreign cinema and poetry. Occasionally spends his days locked in his room reading T.S. Eliot and Gerard Manley Hopkins. An amateur poet himself, but highly nervous about showing his work to people.

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