Lynette Mayne

Name: Lynette Mayne

Affiliation: The Foundation

Role: Anomalous computing specialist

Site No.: Site-43

Played By: fleshcrafterAngel

Phys. Description: The first thing most people notice about Lynette is that her hair (grown out to mid-back) is striped orange and white. This is usually followed immediately by the feline ears perched atop her head, and soon after that is when they spot the long tail flicking behind her.

Once you look past that, she's just slightly taller than the norm (though not nearly as much so as Maeve, and several inches below Alanna), with pale skin that's only gotten more so since she can't really go out anymore. Her eyes usually leave people with a vague impression of being 'strange', but most can't quite pinpoint what's wrong with them until they see her without the rectangular glasses she usually wears - they're solid green the whole way through, with no white at all.

Her 'standard outfit' is a bit of a holdover from before, consisting of a leather jacket with an ice-blue ouroboros on the back, black jeans with innumerable pockets hand-stitched onto them, and blouses of various (usually dark) colors.

Background: Lynette hasn't always worked with the Foundation - she started off in the anart community at fifteen, specializing in digital works, and made her first solo project two years later. At that point, she was considered out of her apprenticeship, and worked on her own for about six months before being picked up by Are We Cool Yet.

Six and a bit years later, a series of attacks - some by other anartists looking for territory or playing out old feuds, some by the Serpent's Hand for no reason she ever knew - drove that branch to seek refuge with the Chaos Insurgency. Mostly; Lynette objected strongly to that, having heard rumors (and seen a few videos) of what the CI did. The fight ended with her running for her life through the alleys of Toronto, in what would later be a massive headache to cover up.

That, in turn, led her to the Foundation. While understandably wary, they let her join on a probationary basis due to her expertise, and she's served loyally since. Her current position at Site-43 is something of a convalescence, after she was the target of a particularly insidious anomalous computer worm; while successfully contained, its effects on her have proven irreversible thus far, and she needs time to adapt to her new appearance.

Profile: Lynette's enthusiasm was dampened a bit by the break from AWCY, and has been further tempered by her years at the Foundation, where she's tried very hard to fit in and mostly succeeded; she's learned a professionalism that serves her well in her day to day work.

Still. Underneath that, she's much the same as she was when she started - a bit slower to trust, perhaps, but she tackles challenges with the same mix of lighting flashes of insight and careful unraveling that she always did.

Outside of work, she hasn't had a chance to get to know anyone here yet; once she does, she'll likely open up, but for now she's keeping her head down and trying to adjust to everything.

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