Little Bird

Name: Little Bird (formerly Sipora Novynette)

Affiliation: Emsay Adonai (formerly the Foundation)

Role: Former Foundation/ Body Guard

Played By: Varren ErelimVarren Erelim

Phys. Description: Little Bird is a slender female standing at about 5'10". She weighs a bit above average because of her toned build. Her eyes are a bright green color with a far off glare like she is perpetually trapped in her thoughts. Her shoulder long reddish brown hair is shaved off in a large patch on the right side of her head with the rest cascading over the left side or down the back of her head, down just past her shoulders in a wavy mess. Emsay’s physical abuse has left her with many scars across her body like the vertical scar over her right eye and her back which is covered in a road map of scars as well. A large raven spreading its wing on her back and shoulders but it has been warped by scar tissue.

She is usually seen wearing clothes of charcoal or black colors. corsets and tops that show off the scars on her back are preferred with a jacket if it is cold. The pants that she wears differs so long as they are easy to move in. She also tends towards combat boots and elbow length gloves for her right arm. Most of the clothing she wears has been made to hide armor or is made with Kevlar. When dressing for a more casual setting she wears nylon pants and tank tops.

Her left forearm is a black prosthetic that is made from extremely hard ceramic but is able to be moved and manipulated, likely through anomalous means. The arm is a glossy finished material of one piece. It looks like elegant scale armor and sharpened fingers.

Background: Sipora was born into a steadfast military family in mid-October. She had five siblings, three of which died during military service, one discharged from injuries, and one still serving.

She couldn't tell you how many times her birthday was spent hiking and survival training for a week. Her gifts were not dolls or make up but instead training weapons and later on the real counterpart. Sipora was always geared more towards these things than anything else so she was raised more like a soldier than a teenage girl.

When Sipora graduated high school she was enrolled right away in the military. Her military career was an uneventful but well versed one. She found her home as a marksman and later as a sniper specialist. This was when the Foundation took note of her, always on the lookout for possible mobile task force members. They didn't recruit her right away because of her age but with her mission success rate over multiple years they offered her a position when she was twenty-five.

Sipora was assigned to MTF Kappa-32 set at Site-26. She worked with her task force mainly against human targets but they got scip missions every now and then. Sipora's main role in missions was to provide either cover support for a group or long range offensive attacks. It was during a mission where her squad was wiped out that she was found by Emsay Adonai. The man found her at the bottom of a scaffolding system. She was taken by him and she allowed herself to be nursed back to health. It was after she was healthy again that she found out he wanted a bodyguard and not one that had a choice. Sipora endured months of time with Emsay until the stress of it all caused her to have a mental and emotional break. She was very slowly built back into a person by positive reinforcement granted from both protecting Emsay and taking life. She was indoctrinated to follow Emsay' orders and for the most part enjoy doing so. It took almost a half year to fully indoctrinate her from start to finish. Little Bird has been Emsay’s loyal servant for almost nine years since then.

Profile: Unhinged is the best way to describe Little Bird’s personality and mind. The process of indoctrination left her with more than a few mental issues. Her mind constructed an illusion that what she went through was good and out of caring. She has come to depend on Emsay and has taken to referring to him as master. Deeper down she feels this strange love for him alongside a disgust for everyone else including herself. Little Bird is also prone to bouts of depression or other sudden and unstable emotions when not around Emsay.


Little Bird is heavily obsessed with Emsay. She believes that since he created her this way she is his and that somehow makes him hers as well. She tends to dislike anyone who stands between them or has a negative opinion of Emsay.

Little bird feels like Valen is constantly in her way. Emsay often takes Valen’s side on things and genuinely listens to the woman’s opinions. It is safe to say that the two get along when they have to, otherwise Little Bird is very hostile towards Valen.

Little Bird carries a few things on her at all times. Numerous knives, one of them a longer than usual knife that Emsay made for specifically her. When she is guarding Emsay or planning on making an attack she also brings smoke/flash grenades and a Calico M950 machine pistol as well.


"You told me to kill him. You never said I couldn't take my time!"

"So your guests died, it's not /that/ embarrassing since no one will be able to tell about it. You can't even blame them all on me! The fat guy I kicked down the stairs crushed like three people. That was on him!"

Main Theme:Lacey Sturm - Rot
Combat theme:Adrenalize - In This Moment
Broken Beyond Repair: Ciara - Paint it Black
Fighting back against his hold:Dirty Pretty - In This Moment

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