Name: Dr. Alan Macquire

Affiliation: Foundation.

Role: Tech Priest Anomaly Researcher and unofficial tech support.

Played By: LiampluridonLiampluridon

Phys. Description: Tall, brown hair, slight overbite, tanned skin.

Background: Grew up in Wollabongdong, Australia. Moved to the big city to study at Billawingwong University. Received a doctorate in Physics in 1997. While studying gravitational waves at AIGO, he uncovered a deep space anomaly. Proceeded to work out enough of its properties that when the Foundation noticed and recovered the object, they decided to take him too. From then on he worked at Site 43 as a researcher and, to his annoyance, an unofficial tech support officer.

Growing up, he enjoyed the unseen methods of combat, resulting in affection for sneaking around and sniping. He only has formal training with rifles though, but he looks bloody cool dual wielding stilettos and can work out a handgun.

Profile: Speaks with thick (to the point of being stereotypical) Australian accent. Will gladly abandon morals in the name of science. Has two Stilettos (old combat knives), which he enjoys playing with, but can't actually wield properly. Slightly twisted sense of humour and a foul mouth that accompanies it. Enjoys fiddling with computers (especially trying to break through security, but that's a secret) and can offer simple tech support if needed.

Extremely patient, but violently aggressive if you actually make him snap. Probably won't kill his colleagues in a fit of violent rage.

Relationships: :(


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