Jana Älgstein

Name: Jana Älgstein

Affiliation: Serpent's Hand

Role: Operations Manager (directs the operations of certain Serpent's Hand groups outside the Library and manages logistics for them), Runology Researcher

Played By: 3r1s3r1s

Phys. Description: Average build, somewhat chubby. Pale skin and bleached white hair, grey eyes, freckles scattered across her face. Antlers similar to those of the European elk add about a foot and a half to her height. Usually seen wearing layered clothes in dark greens, browns, and greys, with an overall rustic aesthetic, and clutching an armful of clipboards, books, and folders.

Background: Jana was born in a village near Uppsala, in Sweden. She lived a relatively normal life up to the age of fourteen, spending most of her free time in the forests near her home as soon as she was allowed out alone. When she was fourteen, however, she started suffering from headaches, and two small bony lumps appeared on her head. As these started to develop into increasingly noticeable antlers, Jana went to her aunt for advice, who happened to be a member of a local Serpent’s Hand group. Knowing that this anomalous property would likely get Jana captured by the Foundation or killed by the GOC, her aunt told her about the Wanderer’s Library and the various other groups dealing with anomalies, and took her there for her own safety. When it became clear that the antlers would make it impossible for her to live normally outside the Library, her aunt (with the aid of anomalous resources from the Library) faked the deaths of herself and Jana, allowing her to live there indefinitely under the protection of the Serpent’s Hand.

Profile: Jana is 22 now, and has hardly left the Library (to Earth, that is) in the last eight years. She is a voracious reader, particularly interested in Norse runes and their magical applications, and has become the Library’s foremost authority on such matters. When she’s not cleaning up the debris from misaligned galdrastafir or filling notebooks with scratchy, angular handwriting detailing the nuances of late East Norse phonetic orthography, she works primarily with two connected sects of the Serpent’s Hand, one in London and one in Uppsala. Jana works from a cluttered workspace of her own that she’s set up near the Front Desk, using a messenger rune-stave scratched into its surface to send correspondence outside the Library.

Despite the fact that she’s responsible for organising and coordinating large groups of people and their resources, the woman herself appears to be almost catastrophically disorganised. Jana is usually rushing somewhere or another, leaving a trail of scattered pages behind her, and seems to be in a permanent state of mild panic. If you can catch her when she’s taking a break, however, she’s very friendly and eager to meet new people, and will happily talk your ear off about rune-magic if given half a chance.

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