Welcome to the ModernFoundation

The SCP-ModernFoundation RP theoretically takes place in the current timeframe (this being 2017). What makes this theoretical? Well, that's the theme here: time. Forget everything you know about it because in this version of the universe, the concept of time gets flipped on its head tenfold.

Location out-of-universe

We are located on synIRC at #site43-ooc. If you do not know what an IRC chat is, then we'll wonder how you found this place please go to the Mainsite Kiwi Client. Sufficient instruction will be given pertaining to registering an account.

Joining the ranks

Please ensure you have read the rules of the site before you join us. If joining via application instead of pass, please provide sufficient explanation as to why you want to join.
NOTE: If you are found to be banned on the mainsite or are known to cause significant disruption, we cannot accept your application.

Once you have successfully joined the site, please visit the Guide Hub for information pertaining to character creation.


Anything pertaining to canons, tone and setting can be found on the Guide Hub.

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