Guide To Characters

So You Want to Make a Character

The main guideline for making a character is that you're aiming to make an interesting, relatable character who people will want to play with and be able to play with from an in-universe perspective. Making an O5 is all very well, but you're not going to be able to hang about in the break room playing beer pong with Research Such-and-Such because of it.

Which, of course, is not to say that making an O5 isn't possible, but rather to say that it'll be more difficult to try and play with this kind of character due to the limitations of their position. Keep this in mind and you should have a fun time RPing with the people here.

The following is a "walkthrough" of sorts for a character. Keep in mind that the setup of the character sheet really isn't that important anyways: apart from keeping it neat and tidy, there isn't really much restriction as to what you can put in your headers and so on. The main thing is that it's an interesting character, etc.

Name: Will Grayfield

The only real guideline with the name is "don't be too ridiculous". This all depends on context: e.g. having a "Verner Dichcissel" probably wouldn't be acceptible in a Foundation employee, but they'd fit right in at AWCY, depending on your headcanon.

Affiliation: Prometheus Labs

Insert GoI here. You don't have to use one of the Big Names – you can even play as a civilian if you'd like, or a more overlooked GoI.

Role: Researcher, Arizona Branch – Researches the applications of thaumaturgy.

What they do for their day job. A brief summary will do.

Played By: Aiden EldritchAiden Eldritch

To get that fancy-pants user thing, use the code [[*user Username Here]], replacing "Username Here" with your username (as you might have guessed.)

Phys. Description: Somewhat short and thin, messy light brown hair and dark brown eyes, perpetually stubbled. Wears a light blue Prometheus-issued labcoat (when on the job) and cargo pants.

A description of what they actually look like. Imagine that you're writing a witness report and you're describing your character to the police. Keep it concise and give enough useful information for people to get a good idea of what they look like without being bogged down in tiny details.

Background: The son of a mage, his curiosity about the thaumic world was fostered by his mother the same way some kids get prodded to play with soldering irons. He borrowed books from the uppercase-L Library and generally tried to know as much about the subject as he could. Prometheus spotted his talent at a young age and dropped him a business card at a science fair they ran.

Following his graduation from the ICSUT, Prometheus were more than willing to give him a spot on the team at their thaumatology research center in Arizona, much to the chagrin of his mother – a prominent member of the Serpent's Hand.

This is a tough part of the character creation process – thinking up a backstory for them. Try to keep it as plausible as possible while also being interesting. Your character doesn't have to be an action hero or a magnet for misery, but adding an encounter with the dark side of the anomalous or an emotional struggle with their family makes it more interesting for you and people who you play with.

As an example for how it adds spice, it's tough to do shop talk when your character's an office peon doing accounting – an office peon who's forced into accounting because their last experience with anything more advanced than tax returns caused them to summon Cthulhu? Now that's gonna be an entertaining story.

The backstory can also provide important motivations for their personality and interactions with other people, thus deepening their character. In this case, Will was born into a Serpent's Hand family but went to the dark side of Prometheus, setting up familial conflict and providing a definite motivation for him to not go near the Hand.

Profile: Will is a soft-spoken and reserved man, more than willing to acquiesce than put up a fight. He's most at home surrounded by paperwork and machinery, and is deeply awkward with other people. He's a competent thaumaturge and a physicist to boot, so expect him to politely correct your terminology and not complain when you make the same mistake later.

While he's uncomfortable being social, Will doesn't mind going out to bars provided you don't bother him too much when he's drinking. He's a self-confessed physics nerd and is more than happy to explain your physics stuff-ups to you if you ask politely. His family remains a mystery to all but his relatives, and he prefers to keep it that way.

The actual character of the character, as it were. Describe their personality, their quirks, their habits – all the things that actually make your character a person of their own and not a tin of Smucker's Indistinguishables1. Their personality will most likely stem from their background – a war veteran's personality should reflect their battle experience, if only in thought.

This personality should also be reflected in how you role-play them. For example, if I was role-playing Will, I wouldn't use ALL CAPS, bitch and whine about the heat in Arizona and wave my hands about – instead, I'd probably keep to myself, speak quietly, probably keep my hands in my pockets. This is where you tell what they're like, while RP is how you show their personality.

One thing to look out for is calling your character likable. The people who RP with you will be the judges of whether or not your character's likable.

Feel free to append more things to your character sheet. Find a photo, do a drawing, write a poem – if it adds more to the character, go wild with it. This character sheet is in no way a complete template, and there are easily other things you could add to the sheet. For example, you could add in an Equipment section to detail what they often have on hand, or perhaps a few documents you can put there to refer to later.

Note that your RP sheet doesn't have to be static, and doing things like adding new updates to the file about a recent set of Wacky Hi-Jinx™2 you've gone through with your fellow RPers on chat is more than welcomed.

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