The Universe of the Modern Foundation

What's the canon, here?

Our canon here says that the Modern Foundation is a very large, global organisation, with various sites in many different countries all over the world. However, despite its size, the Foundation is also an incredibly cautious one.
There are many sites, sectors, and areas, some of which we have actually made up ourselves.

O5 Command

"I am not responsible for the programming or reprogramming of any of the O5 Command who may or may not be sentient learning AIs."
Dr. Hershel Thorne

The O5 Council, the Overseer Council or O5 Command are the people responsible for the high-level management of the Foundation as a whole. As a result of their secretive nature, almost nothing is known about them. What little is known about them comes from their actions – they're highly cautious people who could be human and/or anomalous. People who attempt to find out more about the Overseers either end up in an incinerator somewhere or on the Council themselves.

Secure Facilities

Since this is the modern Foundation as it stands, there are many facilities present under Foundation control. Be they newly built, preexisting, or reclaimed facilities from other GoIs, they are all suited for the Foundation's needs, from anomaly containment to personnel accommodation. Some of these sites we have made up ourselves, so if you do not recognise any, it's because these are merely 'canon' to our stories and do not actually have a presence on the official wiki.
Having that in mind, you can find a list of (playable) Secure Facilities here.

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