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Welcome to the Foundation!

Salutations, reader, and welcome to the informational page detailing on some of the more nitty-gritty aspects of our ModernFoundation canon!
On this page we'll be covering everything from basic ranks and purposes, to the elusive O5 Council themselves.
(Please note that this page will be subject to updates in the future to add new canons, or alter existing ones.)

The Foundation itself

Our Foundation is a cautious one: they stick close to the unofficial motto that is 'Secure, Contain, Protect.' Each and every facility that the Foundation has control over, and its personnel, strive to protect humanity itself from those things that 'go bump in the night'. To do so, the Foundation has had to build itself up.
As a result, our modern Foundation is an ideally large one, with many secure facilities and sites dotted all over the world as we know it - from the States to the UK, and everywhere in between, each facility is outfitted with everything we need to contain anomalies of every class.

Object Classifications

In case you happen to be unfamiliar with the object classifications (and, if you are, please get your ass off here and over to mainsite) or you have simply just forgotten, allow us to elaborate on them here.
There are three primary object classes, two secondary, and one esoteric, but your main concern will be the Big Three.
(I would like to say now that these descriptions have been taken from the main wiki - therefore, these are reliable object class descriptions)


Safe-class objects are those anomalies that are either sufficiently understood that they are now completely and reliably contained on a permanent basis or otherwise do not trigger their anomalous effects unless intentionally activated.

Classifying an anomaly as Safe, however, does not mean that handling or activating it does not pose a threat, and personnel are to be reminded that all Special Containment Procedures and safety protocols are to be observed at all times.


Euclid-class objects are anomalies that are either insufficiently understood or inherently unpredictable, such that reliable containment is not always possible, but do not pose sufficient threat to qualify for Keter classification. The vast majority of anomalies catalogued and contained by the Foundation are initially classified as Euclid until they are either sufficiently understood or exhibit sufficient danger to qualify for reclassification.

In particular, any anomaly that exhibits autonomy, sentience and/or sapience is generally classified a Euclid-class entity at minimum, due to the inherent unpredictability of an object that can act or think on its own.


Keter-class objects are anomalies that pose an inherently serious threat to the safety of Foundation personnel and the rest of mankind and either require extensive and complex procedures to contain or cannot be fully contained by the Foundation's current technology and knowledge.

These anomalies are generally considered the most dangerous ones in Foundation containment, and all research efforts are directed towards enabling more reliable containment of such anomalies or, as a last resort, the timely neutralisation or destruction of its anomalous effects.

TL;DR - The object classifications of our universe coincides with that of the main wiki's.


It is fairly evident that due to the scale of the Foundation, there will be a lot of personnel, and, in turn, personnel ranks or 'security levels'. Depending on your role, you will be assigned a certain 'security clearance level:' this level will give you access to certain things depending on your level, i.e documents, or access to certain containment areas. Most, if not all players will at least have a base security clearance level of 2. As far as we are aware, there will not be any instances where this is lower. (Seriously, people have tried. It did not work.)

So, what exactly can be played in our universe? (Note: This is where some of our own canon aspects come into play)

Level-2 Clearance

Roles that fall under this clearance level include:

  • Junior Researcher
  • Junior Assistant [to their respective departmental senior/head]
  • Junior Containment Specialist
  • Field Agent
Level-2/3 Intermediate
  • Medical Staff

Level-3 Clearance

Roles that fall under this clearance level include:

  • Senior Researcher
  • Senior Assistant [to their respective departmental head]
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Containment Specialist
  • Security Officer
  • Tactical Response Team member
  • Mobile Task Force 'MTF' Operative
Level-3/4 Intermediate
  • Departmental Head/Head of Department (HoD)

Level-4 Clearance

Roles that fall under this clearance level include:

  • Site Director
  • Security Director
  • Mobile Task Force Commander

O5 Command

"I am not responsible for the programming or reprogramming of any of the O5 Command, who may or may not be sentient learning AIs."
Dr. Hershel Thorne

The O5 Council, the Overseer Council or O5 Command are the people responsible for the high-level management of the Foundation as a whole. As a result of their secretive nature, almost nothing is known about them. What little is known about them comes from their actions – they're highly cautious people who could be human and/or anomalous. People who attempt to find out more about the Overseers either end up in an incinerator somewhere or on the Council themselves.

Groups of Interest

While this is a roleplay site entitled 'SCP-Foundation-RP', that is not to say we are strictly Foundation-based.
Here you also have the opportunity to work as a character under a different organisation, worked in the past for one, or, in fact, no organisation at all. The choice is entirely up to you.
(However please note that at this time, due to our small size, implementing characters from GoIs into runs will come with a certain degree of difficulty.)

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