Ezekiel Novynette

Name: Ezekiel Bastian Novynette

Affiliation: The Foundation

Role: Mobile Task Force Member (Phi-12)

Played By: Varren ErelimVarren Erelim

Phys. Description:
Ezekiel is a Caucasian male standing at about five feet eleven inches and weighing in at two-hundred pounds. He has an average build geared more towards athletic rather than muscular. Ezekiel’s eyes are a dark green with a few small flecks of blue. His hair is dark brown and naturally growing in a swept back pattern, his bangs being the only part that hang forward instead of back and part naturally over his left eye.

Note: During physical examination identifying marks were recorded as a tattoo on subject’s left leg of two male deer, one being large enough to be considered a stag. A tattoo on the right forearm of a raven in flight. A tattoo of seven tally marks on the right side on his neck. Three bullet wounds to the back, along with numerous other small scar tissue spread out over body, normal for combat related profession.

Ezekiel’s usual outfit is made to last more than it is to look good. Black BDU cargo pants that fit more snuggly and old black combat boots. A tactical belt with two drop-leg holsters and kneepads. Black muscle shirt under a dark gray t-shirt, covered by a TF3 styled bullet proof vest. On top of all of this is a forest green jacket that seems to have been tailored to fit and is well worn, heavily showing at the lower edges. It has numerous internal pockets and loops for holding items.

Ezekiel was born into The Foundation at Site-43. His mother had been relocated there from another site to have a less intense job since she was a task force member. His father had died before he was born so Ezekiel never knew him personally. He was raised by his mother alone mainly with some help from his godfather when she had trouble. There are a few places in this time of his life that Ezekiel doesn’t remember, his mother telling him that he found his way into more trouble than he knew and that it was better if he didn’t know.

Ezekiel lived the life of a normal kid for the most part. He was always outside and getting scuffed up or with his mother. They had a very good relationship with a house that they lived in the off site in the town. As he grew up he was told stories about his father and what he was like, instilling the mental image of a hero within Ezekiel’s mind. He was also told stories from his mother of her career as well which made him want to become a task force member.

Ezekiel took part in the Internal Education Program at Site-43 when he was old enough and chose to focus more in general anomaly, hands on courses, and leadership involved courses that would get him ready for being a task force member. Upon exit of the program he joined as Site Security to build experience firsthand before later joining a newer task force designated MTF Xi-76 with a focus of both combat and technological anomalies.

Ezekiel got himself to a middle rank in this task force after a good deal of time. He turned down a few promotions simply for the fact that his mother was head of security and he didn’t want it to be seen as favoritism. Once he was in this rank he was granted control over smaller operations to test him for higher positions. It was one of these operations that sent him to another time line, letting him out into this current time line which has been confirmed to be in the past relative to his own timeline. After being held for a long period of time and being deemed useful Ezekiel was recruited into MTF Phi-12 as one of their members.

Ezekiel was raised to see the better side of things and to make the best of what he had available to him. This has caused him to become an individual that enjoys the little things and has a slight penchant for mischief when he can get away with it. His parentage, training and former rank give him confidence but also keep him from becoming cocky with his own abilities. He will approach almost any situation with the idea that it is something he can handle but will back off quickly if it shows to be too much. With social situations Ezekiel seems to be able to read people fairly well but is often clueless as to the proper reactions to appease people. This leads to a few awkward moments with him either because he doesn’t know when to stop or change the subject.

Being the child of a very experienced head of security and ‘scary lady’ (title given by popular opinion) has given Ezekiel a respect for authority that he will yield to unless it is obvious that they don’t know what they are doing or that they are making a mistake in his eyes. He was trained to be a leader and will take on the role if it is needed but otherwise will leave it to the more experienced people. When it comes to danger he seems less inclined to notice that it could do him bodily harm, his brain either not releasing a proper chemical response or having a delayed reaction to it. Ezekiel has attributed this to something in his past that he can’t remember and has often stated ‘I am just desensitized to it. No need to worry.’

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