Emsay Adonai

Name: Emsay Adonai

Affiliation: None

Role: Master of Ceremonies, Information broker

Played By: Varren ErelimVarren Erelim

Phys. Description: Emsay is a pale skinned man with past shoulder black hair and bright golden eyes. He stands at roughly six feet and one inch and is slim built. He is always clean shaven and his long hair is haphazardly swept back and often tied into a loose ponytail. He is never seen dressed any less formal than some form of suit. He prefers black with an accent of emerald green in his attire. As far as features go one would describe Emsay as oddly handsome and not having a blemish upon him. He gives off the very light scent of fresh cut grass and lemons.

Background: Emsay was born into a family that had ties with Serpent’s Hand. His father was a well-known supporter and member of the group while his mother had minimal contact and tried to keep him away from such things. Even at a very young age, Emsay was considered different because at the time it was not known he was a psychopath. He watched his father carefully as he grew up and the more he did so the more his mother tried to shield him from it. Emsay did not particularly enjoy killing his mother but it had to be done because of her incessant need to get in his way. The woman was fairly unstable so no one was too surprised when they found her in a tub with a toaster in it as well.

Emsay worked with his father after a few years when he was in his teens and considered old enough. What followed Emsay was death as he slithered through the organization, taking what power he could and learning to make anomalous items from various people and things. The day he left the Serpent’s Hand they didn’t even suspect he had killed anyone of their own. He started to create his only anomalous items in his twenties but found the ones he made lacking and decided to branch out and learn more.

Emsay joined Are We Cool Yet? For a very short stint to learn more of making anomalies but he considered what they did to be useless and of no point. While joined he assisted in the creation of what they called art. He had to go to lengths to not spit on it and after they had finished decided he was wasting time. Emsay kidnapped the members of the group one by one and forced answers out of them through various means, blaming The Foundation when he could. Some disappeared and some were found ‘killed by their own art’. Emsay faked his own death when they became suspicious and he moved on.

Marshall, Carter, & Dark was next but the way they peddled things was distasteful to him and he refused to join outside of the odd order of things he needed. Emsay slipped his hand in wherever he could gain more knowledge about the anomalous until he had deemed it enough. By this time Emsay was in his late thirties and was working towards a reputation. He had numerous estates built around the world and had them hidden through dimensions that require an invitation to enter. He hosted gatherings and parties, using his anomalous creations to make them exotic and only allowing small crowds in to make them more exclusive. When not hosting parties he was working on creating anomalous items through combining the methods he had learned over the years. Often, pieces of himself were used in creation to make him them more receptive to him. He was deftly able to avoid being noticed by the many groups and organizations that might come looking for him but over time he felt things had become too easy.

At one point Emsay stopped avoiding the Foundation and began to deal with them instead. he worked for them as an information broker. Mainly, pointing them in the direction of things they could contain and people that they could lock away. These people were, of course, ones that Emsay wanted away so he had no problem giving them up. Over time he became a very trusted source for The Foundation even to the point where they would allow him access to site (albeit very limited access) when he offered information so he could give it in person and accept his fee first hand.

Profile: Cold and self-centered, Emsay has lived his life entirely to suit his own needs and wants. He would gladly put anyone down and walk over them if he felt it would benefit him. That being said he is very good at feigning a proper level of empathy even if he feels nothing but hatred towards a person. Emsay prefers to manipulate and break people’s spirit rather than physically assaulting them. It is like a big game hunt and he enjoys every second of the game.

When not actively causing some form of misfortune Emsay is considered extremely polite and well spoken. He acts with flare much like he is always hosting a party. With a level head he often never lets his face betray his feelings and never loses control of his temper.

“It is not that I don’t love you, Mother. I do love you, I think. You have just become a problem…a very easily solved problem.”

You hate to love him: Everybody Loves Me - One Republic
Main Theme: Waltz with Vampires -Fired Earth Music
Combat Theme: Danse Macabre -Sound Adventures
Breaking Your Will: Lacrimosa - Thomas-Adam Habuda
Causing a Breach: Wings of Icarus -CellDweller
Releasing the Keter: Crimson Flames - Takanashi Yasuharu
???: Vengeance

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