Name: Dr Elizabeth Saito

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Role: Researcher Level 2, application for level 3 pending

Played By: LTaruLTaru

Phys. Description: 5ft 5in tall, female, medium length black hair, very dark brown eyes, wears wire reading glasses, often seen wearing a lab coat and a scarf. 28 years old.

personality: Rather quiet when meeting new people, but talkative after getting to know them. Generally unsure of her self, however she is confident in her field. She has slight ocd tendencies, liking everything in her office to be neat and orderly, and becoming frustrated when her workspace is disrupted.

Qualifications: doctorates in radiology, which she is extremely proficient in, speaks Japanese and english fluently as the result of being raised in a dual lingual household, speaks german semi fluently as a result of taking classes.

Background: Elizabeth was born and raised in Fresno, California as an only child. Both of her parents worked the majority of the day, so she was raised primarily by her grandparents. She excelled in and enjoyed school, both finishing top of her class and becoming head of the honor society. She achieved a full scholarship to MIT, which she almost denied, due to her grandfathers failing health, however her family finally convinced her to go. She fully dedicated herself to her studies and managed to get 14th in her class at graduation. She was offered a job at the foundation as a researcher immediately out of college. She worked on multiple safe, and eventually euclid level scps, mostly screening for various forms of radiation, studying possible radial based anomalies, and studying possible uses of radiology in containment.

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