Dr. Roy Ness

Name: Roy Ness

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Status: Active

Role: Junior Researcher, Department of Astrophysical Anomalies

Played By: DrRoyal

Phys. Description: Roy is a somewhat large man, weighing approximately 180lbs, with broad shoulders and a height of 6'3". His black hair is thick and somewhat curly (much to his displeasure), and his eyes are grey-blue. His face features a goatee, always kept neatly trimmed. Roy always seems to be wearing a black long sleeve t-shirt, black slacks, and black shoes. At work he dons a white lab coat, and off-work, he can often be found wearing a dark grey trench coat. Attempts have been made to catch Roy without his ever-present shades on his person, to no success. When asked why he needs sunglasses everywhere he goes, he replies "Just in case."

Background: Very little about Roy's childhood is known, as he refuses to discuss it in detail. Apparently, his father was an extremely well-known attorney and decided that Roy would follow in his footsteps. From a very young age, Roy was immersed in the world of law and made to study in-depth the ins and outs of being a great lawyer. This brought forth a hatred of the subject, and made him extremely critical of governments and governing authorities. He developed an interest in theoretical physics. Near the end of high school, Roy told his father of his disinterest in law and his desire to study another subject. Thinking that his son was obsessed with "fiction and impractical ideas", Roy's father disowned him, after an intense argument. Roy left the United States and traveled the world for a year, finally ending up in the United Kingdom, where he would complete his PhD in Astrophysics. He never spoke to his father again, although he would write occasionally to his mother. Meanwhile, he picked up an interest in Philosophy and writing. He came to the attention of the Foundation after publishing several works on the topic of space-time anomalies, some of which referenced SCPs currently in the Foundation's possession. Roy worked as an assistant to Dr. Markus Hall, a Senior Researcher in the Astrophysics department. Over time, his experience in the field allowed him to be promoted to Junior Researcher. He currently travels between sites quite frequently, performing studies on dimensional-related SCPs.

Profile: For the most part, Roy maintains a professional demeanor. He is somewhat aloof and apathetic, and possesses an dark sense of humor. He is not quick to open up to strangers or friends alike. Sharing feelings does not come naturally for him like sharing opinions does. He is quite absent-minded, and is often lost in thought over new theories and ideas. Roy has many odd hobbies including taking walks in the dark (especially when it's raining), studying (and occasionally practicing) swordplay, and discussing or pondering philosophical theories.

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