Matthew S. Renner

Name: Matthew Simon Renner

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Role: Safe-class SCP Warden

Played By: DrRenner

Phys. Description: Average height, unkempt red hair, blue eyes and thin-frame black glasses. Wears the standard SCP researcher outfit while on the job.

Background: Matthew Renner was born from a long line of law-enforcement and military family members. Following high school graduation Renner joined his town's local police force. After serving on the force for a number of years, Renner joined the UIU looking for something "less typical". After coming into contact with a dangerous anomalous artifact, Renner developed an attitude for notice and will, however not without a cost, as Renner's physical aptitude deteriorated significantly. Renner was hired by the Foundation shortly after his exposure, as his newly acquired skills made him useful in the Foundation's line of work.

Profile: Matthew Renner is a semi-outspoken person, not usually one to engage in conversation but will casually converse if himself or his favored topics are mentioned, or if he is engaged directly. Renner enjoys his work, often staying after to finish projects or other paperwork later than most.

Due to his physical limitations, Renner prefers to avoid strenuous activities such as casual sports at company outings, and prefers more mental exercises such as crosswords.

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