Professor 'Darq' Corwin D. Marquise

Name: ‘Darq’ Corwin D. Marquise

Affiliation: The Foundation

Role: Foundation Professor/medical researcher

Played By: Varren ErelimVarren Erelim

Phys. Description:
Professor Marquise is a five foot, eleven inch tall Caucasian man of average complexion but has become slightly pale after being indoors for months with no sun. He has short dirty blonde hair that is always between chin and ear length long, sticking closer to his chin. It is styled in a layered sweep back along the sides and split over his left eye, the right side mostly tucked behind his ear to keep it from his face. Perpetually unable to grow facial hair he prefers to focus more attention on a jagged fractal patterned scar that extends from his right jaw to down his neck and arm, the scar coming from him being struck by lightning.

His preferred outfit is black pants, a white button up shirt, a deep blue sweater vest that has black and gray argyle patterns on it, and a blue tie to match. He wears black rectangle glasses with thick frames for his mild near-sightedness. He also wears a broken wrist watch, matte-black pointed toed oxford shoes, and a shoulder holster made to hold a small surgical tool kit.

Corwin Marquise was born in 1979 to an American family on vacation in Israel at the time. He was not raised there as the threat of conflict had his parents worried. The family relocated to Munich, Germany where he was raised to the age of twelve. During these years Corwin showed a greater ability in school than most in his grade. For this reason he didn’t make many friends but his parents had taught him to be kind regardless of how someone treated him. He was told that people were unkind to others when they were hurting.

The invitation to a prestigious school in the United Kingdom was happily accepted and the family moved again so Corwin could attend. They stayed there as he followed a medical field, becoming a doctor but soon after switching when he became interested in the other aspects of the field. His focus became locked on theory and teaching, becoming a professor as his job and in his free time participating in trials for new medical treatments. At some point during this time of his life Corwin damaged his lungs severely, giving him a habitual cough that will at times draw blood.

It was not long after this that the Foundation recruited him and brought him into their ranks in the same capacity. His work ranged across most biological anomalies, attempting to find out how they worked and how to stop, contain, or treat their effects. Corwin’s place in the Foundation quickly became a niche alongside a few other well-known names though he wasn’t nearly well known as others. He became very skilled in vivisection during his examinations and experimentation. Truth be told he didn’t enjoy cutting living things open but eventually he learned to shut it all out, blanking whenever he had a scalpel in hand.

With his profession being teaching as well Corwin jumped through Foundation sites often, having been in numerous sites across the world to speak at seminars about both medical practices and anomalous deduction as he called it. He has been asked to consult with the dissection of a few reality benders but declined most of the invitations, preferring to stick with his usual items and not delve into the brain side of things.

Profile: Professor Marquise is a man that rarely becomes angry, preferring to deal with things in a calm and collected manner. He is a fairly kind man that always seems to have a smile on his face, his genuine and false smile perfectly the same with years of practice to hone muscle memory. The man has difficulty saying no to people and thus has a reputation of always being able to help someone who needs it. There is an oddity about his personality where in despite being a kinder man he has no issue in doing certain things one wouldn’t consider kind at all like surgical experimentation or vivisection. They don’t seem to bother him in the slightest bit which bring a few rumors from his direction about his state of mind.

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