Bastian McCallister

Name: Bastian McCallister

Affiliation: The Foundation

Role: Former Agent/Site Security

Played By: Varren ErelimVarren Erelim

Phys. Description:
Bastian is an olive skinned man with a height of 6’2” and a weight of 247lbs. His weight is well distributed as across his body in the form of muscle. He has dark brown shoulder length hair that has a natural wavy curl to it. It is usually kept in check by being tied either in a ponytail or a bun mid-way up the back of his head. Facial features include a neatly kempt balbo style beard, minor scarring, and bright hazel colored eyes. There is a multitude of scars elsewhere on his body, most easily being hidden under clothing and he also has a few tattoos, the most prominent one being a raven in flight on her right shoulder.

Bastian’s usual attire that he is seen in day to day is different versions of his security uniform. This consists of well fitted gray combat pants and a grey long sleeve battle shirt with a high collar and black under armor beneath it. Black combat boots, tactical belt, and plate carrier are worn with the uniform and hold most of his equipment. He also wears a black beanie at times when it is cold or when he is training.
When off duty Bastian prefers faded black jeans and any number of solid colored shirts, his favorite being a long sleeve white shirt with a v neck and his black boots.

Bastian was born and raised in an American family that stemmed from full blooded Italian ancestry. Born and raised in a small town in Colorado, he was the middle child between an older sister and a younger brother. They all were close and worked together on the small farm until they became old enough to leave home.

Bastian had originally had a plan to coast along and live average instead of buying into the natural sibling rivalry and trying to get ahead of his brother and sister. His attitude changed once his mother and sister were killed in a car accident when they were struck by a drunk driver one night. At the time Bastian was a year or two out of high school and had been assisting at home until he could find out what he wanted to do with his life. The sudden change from losing two people he loved didn’t damage him and instead helped him make the choice of wanting to become an FBI agent. This was not some quest for justice or anything like that it was just what interested him most at the time and measuring up to something would have been good enough for his mother.

Bastian didn’t have a rising career in the FBI but he did succeed in multiple cases. It was on one of these cases that Bastian saw something he almost couldn’t believe. During that case he had worked alongside another unit within the FBI called the UIU. They were apparently a not well looked upon unit but that did not deter Bastian’s curiosity. They had evidence of things that shouldn’t be real and it was this that prompted Bastian to transfer to the UIU.

Bastian’s UIU career was a productive one that he didn’t remember. Bastian would track and catch an anomaly and it would be taken before they wiped his memories and replaced them and the item with ones that made the anomaly seem like a fake. The foundation took interest in him and after one engagement where Bastian assisted in the capture of a Euclid item finally recruited him into their ranks. Bastian left his brother and father behind, having been 'shot and killed' at a gas station robbery on his way home from work.

Bastian was brought on as a new agent and also worked as site security when he wasn’t out on assignment. The Foundation had his training up to military levels in no time and even had him work with a task-force (MTF Kappa-32) on multiple occasions. Bastian received a transfer to Site-43 when he gained a promotion. He was placed just under management level of the security forces and even got his own office. He works closely with the security members to avoid doing what paperwork comes with his job.

Bastian is an easy going individual with a small eccentric streak. On any given day you may find him cleaning his weapons or patrolling the site as he should be or you could find him in the cafeteria, coaching the staff how to make an Italian dish the correct way. While he tries to be serious most of the time he can’t help but make jokes either through comments or puns and tend to giggle like an idiot at sexual jokes.

Being wildly interested in anomalies and the like has Bastian hanging around research labs while on site. Often times his interest is deflated by not understanding what the people in white coats spout when talking about their work, deeming it science-babble that makes no sense to him. If you give him an anomaly and he might be able to figure out how to stop or it what it does fairly quickly. If you give him a report to file or ask him how he figured it out and he will shrug and say he ‘went with things’. If you give Bastian any kind of weapon and he can handle it like the lab coats handle their science-babble.

His stubbornness both aids and hinders him in his roll of site security because it gives him a slight air of authority but what researcher likes dealing with security? This leads to minor bickering between him and staff so long as there is no danger. During dangerous situations is where he shines with his job. When danger presents itself he tends to act first and think later but it has never steered him wrong before with his love for firepower.


She was an especially bright woman with an attitude to rival my own. We hit it off right away if you don’t count our arguing. Over time we got better with one another and became friends. Her being declared MIA hit me hard at the time. Every year on the day she went missing on a mission I pour out a half bottle of whiskey for her and drink the rest over a few days.


”Gotta say if there is one thing I have learned as security here. Explosives can really only help a situation. It just matters how much you use that determines if they work.”

”What you might call ‘reckless and dangerous’ I call it getting shit done.”

"Hey, believe it or not but I am in the top five national ranks for quick draw shooting…..I never said I had useful skills, just awesome ones."

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Combat Theme: Deadwood - Really Slow Motion
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