Vitaly Artyukhov

Name: Vitaly Aleksandrovich Artyukhov

Affiliation: SCP Foundation.

Role: Researcher at Site-43 in Rhodehampton, Australia. In charge of storage and research on several low-priority anomalous items. Level 2 Clearance.

Played By: MultiscoopMultiscoop

Phys. Description: Tall and lanky, at about 6'3'' and 180 lbs. Very stark features (large nose, lips, sharp cheekbones, strong chin) typical of a western Russian. Aged 29. Has a look of outroverted friendliness. Is most often seen in a Foundation white labcoat and black slacks while on duty. Wears large squarish eyeglasses and always has an old WW1 era wristwatch on his person, that was a gift from his grandfather.

Background: Was born in Moscow to wealthy industrialist parents, who cared for him dearly and put him through college. After completing his masters' degree in Political Science at Moscow State University, he was promptly recruited by the Foundation.

Artyukhov excelled in training and was selected for mentorship at Site-132 in Moscow, where he apprenticed under Viktor Anisimov, a long-time Foundation employee. His prowess and eagerness to learn earned him several early promotions, and in 2012 he was reassigned to the new Site-414 in Kazan. He is currently the leading candidate for promotion to Head Researcher.

In 2016, he requested a transfer to seek new opportunites. He was transferred to Australian Site-43.

Artykhov's grandfather was a veteran of both WW1 and WW2 (as an officer). He passed down a watch to Vitaly just before he passed, which Vitaly keeps on his person at all times. The elder Artyukhov is suspected to have had ties to Sarkic organizations in Moscow, although this information is believed to have died with him. Vitaly Artyukhov may have a possible conflict of interest if Sarkic-related issues arise.

Profile: Vitaly Artyukhov (sometimes referred to as Vic by English associates) is a very exuberant individual. He is easy to like and loves to tell jokes (though he does so in his partially broken English). Vitaly is very quick-thinking, often being the first to come up with solutions to problems. He is eager to please his Foundation superiors, and is unwaveringly committed to the cause. He has been known to be a little loud and talkative as well, even with a less than excellent command of the English language.

He can be short-tempered at times, especially when people close to him are insulted. Vitaly can speak Russian and Latvian fluently, and can speak English well enough to convey his meaning. Vitaly often comes up with very outside-the-box ideas with regards to testing various SCPs and anomalies. His suggestions can be outlandish, and have earned him the respect (and sometimes ire) of his co-workers.

Vitaly Artyukhov takes a very analytical approach to most subjects, and is more likely to try to understand something from another point of view than most. While loyal to the Foundation, he has been known to have conflicting opinions supporting other GOIs, but not to the extent of compromising his loyalty to the Foundation.

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