Nathan Roberts

Name: Nathan Roberts

Affiliation: Foundation

Role: Security Officer

Played By: TheTargetMasterTheTargetMaster

Phys. Description:
Stands at approximately 6'1'' and has quite wide shoulders.

He has a crop of black hair that is neatly shaved so that it is almost completely thinned out, a sensible haircut that doesn't get in the way of his work. his eyebrows are likewise thinly cut and unobtrusive. His eyes are a very dark shade of brown that seem to fit with his shady hair.

He has an unexpressive face, he seems to use the same expression for a lot of situations: a mix of anger and sadness that seem to gel too well together.

To keep things simple, he is constantly wearing his uniform to keep things serious and proffessional, however when off-duty he loosens up and wears a red chequered shirt with gray jeans.

Nathan was born in the UK to a family of three, making him the second child, his father died when he was very young and financial issues meant that the rest of the family had to leave the country and live elsewhere. He was told that they were going on holiday, but Nathan only later found out that his mother was on the run from a tax dodging scandal. The only viable option was to go and seek refuge in Yugoslavia, where the rest of the family lived.

Growing up in Yugoslavia, Nathan made good friends and began pursuing a career Social sciences. He took up a degree in the University of Sarajevo and he was well on his way to passing with flying colours. Halfway through his second year, his course was interrupted by the news of war in Croatia, his family were living on the border between Bosnia and Croatia and he insisted they join him in Sarajevo.

The war came to them, and the city of Sarajevo was besieged, his family were taken from him and he was stuck inside the city. Something changed inside him during those 4 years, he became broken, he saw many terrible things yet he maintained his morality and made it out alive. He never saw his family again.

After the war, Nathan gave up on his degree and returned to the UK. He took up work at a bank working security. He found his calling, his mind was drawn to keeping things safe and secure. He couldn't do it in the past, so he felt he needed to redeem himself by protecting the lives and materials of others to make up for past mistakes. He quickly rose through the ranks and after a few years he set up his own private security company, working mostly on his own. His CV was enough to get him most jobs, after a few years he recieved some interesting offers for his services, the one he accepted payed far too much for what seemed a small job, intrigued by the offer he took it up with little hesitation.

He is currently working at Site-43 as a mid ranking member of the security team.

Despite his rocky past, Nathan has a very good state of mind and he doesn't let things get to him. His loyalties lay with the Foundation, but the only real reason he works for them is because 6 digits per month is extremely generous for his line of work.

His speech is full of wit and sarcasm in an attempt to quell the range of emotions going through him at any given time, he is fluent in both English and Croatian and uses a little bit of both in his speech, however he tries to speak mainly English to not confuse his colleagues. He has quite a heavy Croat accent.

He is largey friendly and tries to stay positive in even the most dire situations, however he does not react well to comments about his life or his past. He stays friendly while working and the way he enjoys his job might be the reason people don't really like him much. He uses this personality as more of a front to hide his true emotions, he largely keeps to himself but tries to make new friends if possible. Trust, however is his biggest issue with new people.

He keeps the details of his past to himself, only opening up to people who he can really trust, he is afraid what people could do with such information. Since starting work at Site-43, Nathan admittedly hasn't made many friends, but he intends to over the coming weeks.

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