Mathieu Crowley

Name: Mathieu Crowley

Affiliation: SCP Foundation

Role: Occult Consultant

Played By: thewitchmakerthewitchmaker

Phys. Description: A usually tired-looking, bespectacled man in his early thirties. Auburn hair, slightly curly. Average height and build, a few pounds heavier than he probably should be. He basically lives in sweaters and slacks unless explicitly ordered to "dress like a professional, for god's sake!" (This order expires in three days, after which he reverts back to comfortable clothing.)

Background: Bad things happen to good (usually ignorant) people. Such was the case when a little trinket from a pawn shop managed to burn down his childhood home. More specifically, it convinced him to light the fire. For many years, he was put in therapy, fed drugs, and asked "why did you do it?" and yet, he stood firm in his response. "The candlestick told me to." As soon as he graduated high school, he cancelled his therapy appointments, threw away the pills, and left behind the family who thought he was crazy.

A new town in a whole new country worked wonders. In Australia, nobody knew his name or his reputation as "that psycho kid who burned a house down." He could attend college in peace and study what he really wanted to. Mythology. Occultism. Mysticism. Of course, your average university's curriculum would never include ancient blood rituals from long-forgotten cultures, or voodoo curses placed upon objects to influence the owners to bring ruin upon themselves. Without much need or desire for socialization, Mathieu occupied his free time hunting down any information he could possibly find regarding these subjects— his true area of study.

During this time, he discovered the wonders of the deep web. Thousands of people just like himself, trading stories and even videos of paranormal phenomenon. He learned from them. He purchased items from those who wished to sell. Many of these objects turned out to be fakes. Some of them, however, changed his life. Some of them spoke. Some of them had needs and wants, specific methods of keeping them appeased and peaceful. Mathieu collected them, kept them like pets, or friends, and then…

One day his door was bashed down by field agents of the SCP Foundation. Mathieu was restrained, unable to do anything but watch and protest as his collection was carefully contained and taken away, piece by piece.

A handful of mysterious injuries, illnesses, and some spontaneous blood-tears later, the Foundation was finally willing to listen to the reclusive man. How exactly HAD he managed to keep all of these dangerous specimens in such close quarters without negative effects?


"I know how they work."

After sharing his knowledge on the subject, Mathieu was issued an ultimatum. Have his memories of every single specimen erased, or dedicate himself to the Foundation as a consultant on all things occult.

If you ask him about it, he'll usually just grumble about how he "didn't actually have a choice." But when he's working, you can see he doesn't regret his decision in the least.

Profile: Mathieu isn't much of a people-person. Unless those people are long-dead, yet somehow still talking. He can be dragged to social events if there's food involved, but he will stay silent unless he's asked a question. If you ask him anything about the occult, however, be prepared for a massive info-dump. He will talk your ear off until either his attention span or his bank of information runs out. He takes pride in his knowledge and work.

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