Alexander Wang

Name: Alexander “Zander” Wang1

Affiliation: Foundation

Role: Junior Researcher assigned to Dr Alanna Ellis

Played By: NinjaPhoenixNinjaPhoenix

Phys. Description: Often described as unremarkable, Zander is an Australian born Chinese of above average height and quite thin, has short spiked black hair and very dark brown eyes, normally cleanly shaven.
He wears a standard issue Foundation lab coat or a hooded jacket over the top of a simple white t-shirt and cargo pants. Normally wears all black cross-trainer shoes but occasionally sneakers. Zander can also be seen wearing a pair of half-framed rectangular glasses and a pentacle necklace normally hidden under his shirt.

Background: Born into a typical Chinese family Zander would typically spend any time not studying reading any sort of fiction that seemed interesting, due to his introverted nature, wealth of knowledge Zander rarely made friends and those who he considered a friend he would attempt to maintain their relationship very carefully. His strong work ethic and strict self-set datelines allowed him to easily rank 1st in everything he had an interest in doing, so after achieving a perfect score in the HSC the Foundation noticed his potential and quickly sought to recruit and train him. With his interest in what he once believed to be fiction Zander immediately accepted the offer, after many years of rigorous study the Foundation hired him full-time as a junior researcher.
In the short time at Site-43 Zander realised that, despite all his prior knowledge, the realms of the Foundation were far out of his comfort zone, with a majority of the staff being just as smart if not smarter than him, and his understanding of the world relatively meagre with respects to the Foundation. Rather than becoming demoralized, Zander strives to become more knowledgeable, resulting in many all-nighters and being constantly sleepy.

Profile: Around unfamiliar people Zander is often very quiet, answering only with simple responses when prompted. Despite his shy personality, Zander isn’t afraid to interject into a conversation for whatever reason. Normally very calm and stoic; when placed under stress, such as in containment breaches, his ability to solve problems rationally becomes virtually non-existent.
Typically keeps facial hair to a minimum but after an all-nighter sometimes either forgets to shave or manages to accidentally cut himself a lot.

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: Reading, A&W Root Beer, Learning.
Dislikes: Being distracted while reading.


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