Aislin Butler

Name: Aislin Butler /ˈæʃlɪŋ ˈbʌtlɚ/

Affiliation: Foundation.


Played By: 3r1s3r1s

Phys. Description: Dr. Butler is relatively pale, and has brown eyes and medium-length slightly curly black hair fading to green at the tips. She's around 30, and of average build, although slightly taller than most. Unlike many other researchers, she doesn't wear a lab coat; her work doesn't usually involve substances that would require it, and it gets in the way of mobility. Instead, she usually wears tight black jeans, a white or pale green button-up shirt, and a black waistcoat over it. She's slightly longsighted, and wears narrow rectangular glasses.

Background: Aislin doesn't remember exactly when or how she began working for the Foundation - a standard occupational hazard in her line of work. She's qualified in information analysis and linguistics, and focuses on language-based anomalies in her work. She has prevented somewhere in the region of twenty containment breaches; of these, she remembers thirteen, and the Foundation at large is aware of nine.

Profile: When around others, especially those she doesn't know that well, Aislin is quiet, reticent, and generally appears somewhat tense. She seems to have a gravitas about her, like she knows things that very few other people could comprehend. This is because she does. She allows herself to unwind a little when around her friends, particularly other members of the Memetics Department (or "Meme Team", as they're sometimes known). In these instances, she's calmer and slightly more open, and isn't afraid to crack a few jokes - although her sense of humour is tuned more towards subtle sarcasm, to the extent that people (especially Americans) often don't realise that she's joking. Dr. Butler is level-headed and dependable in a crisis, generally unfazed by anomalous phenomena. She's a good person to be around in the event of a containment breach, especially if the anomaly's threat is non-physical in nature.

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