Aaron W. Burke

Name: Aaron W. Burke

Affiliation: Foundation, UIU-FBI (Formerly)

Role: Foundation Agent - Midwest Subtle Investigations Dept.

Played By: no1unono1uno

Phys. Description: Burke carries the look of a hung-over businessman, usually unshaven and sporting blackened bags under hazel eyes. He stands at 5'9'', and is slim under his charcoal suits. Often he is seen under an aging black overcoat.

Background: Aaron Burke had a simple childhood, though it was often spent without supervision. He lived in south-eastern Kansas, bordering Missouri, near Joplin. He was a bastard child without much immediate family and had to take care of himself when his single mother was working most days just to keep them alive. He never knew his father, and he wasn't talked about. He figured if it came up, then he'd ask, but it never did. The only parenting he got came later in life -well after he was moulded by television and sci-fi pulp.

Burke almost immediately enlisted in the Marine Corps following his lack-luster years in high school. He was assigned as a rifleman, serving with 3rd Marines. He intended to see the world, but he instead saw the Fall of Kandahar. Following this he was deployed as a security augment into Iran, during which time his mother had committed suicide. Burke hadn't really been given much in his career, but following his tours and given his mother, he was kept CONUS for the remainder of his contract.

His mother's death struck Burke in an odd way, making him wonder who he should become instead of his mother. He decided to work on a minor degree in psychology and finance while stateside in his off-hours. After the Corps he joined to the FBI and was sworn in as an agent. He wasn't particularly groomed to be an investigator, and it took him years to be given individual assignments. His work mostly consisted of tracking down tax evaders and, for a brief while, missing persons.

By the time he was 27, he had been with the FBI for three years as an investigator. He had gotten used to operating alone. During his final missing persons case, he tracked down the last known location of two young men to a house outside of Topeka. They had been suspected runaways who were presumed to be squatting in an abandoned home. As he surveilled the house, however, he noted that the men spent most of every day in the house's basement. He had assumed they had become addicts and were using it as a den, and decided to investigate after they had left one night.

This exploration of the house had proved to be his first insight into another world, underlying our own. In the house's basement, he had found several small holes, dug by hand, into the exposed soil. A small mound, sized like an infant's grave, dominated the center of the room. This exploration of the earth had proved to be his Qumran. With no tools, he dug into the mound believing a child's body must lie there. He was overcome with the need to do this, losing control of his own body. He uncovered a wooden jewelry box, heavy and locked. He stayed there, trying to stare through the box, sitting in the dirt until the men returned. As they stood on the basement stairs and barely saw him in the dim light, he shot them both dead.

The next to find him were agents of the UIU. He was catatonic, and moved to a local UIU facility. He was questioned about his discovery; if he knew what it was. He did not, no. Burke was treated with amnestics three times, but his memory of everything regarding the basement and the UIU was not erased. He forgot his mother's face, his childhood became murky, and his old friends became nothing. Soon the UIU came to understand that he no longer fully understood his own history and instead could not forget his work. He became sharper in ability and methods, and joined the UIU as an asset rather than a liability.

Burke, however, came to resent his working for the FBI. They had robbed him of much of his identity, and he thought of them as abusers of the situation they forced him into. It was about a year into serving under the UIU on several artifact cases when his talent stopped covering him. His inability to relate to their bureaucratic procedure was magnified by his personal misgivings, and this was not lost on The Foundation.

The Foundation came quietly, following a chance encounter with a former Foundation Asset, and offered an alternative. He could continue his work, free from the people who had caused him to change so much. Granted, he felt he swapped one secret government master for another, but at least this one hadn't poisoned him. So, at 29, he found himself quickly becoming accustomed to The Foundation, wanting to actually bear witness to something that truly made life mean what he always thought it should.

Profile: Quick to anger and slow to forget, though this generally refers to his disdain for things being out of his control. Burke isn't always easy to be around. He is spiteful, and often times cynical. He tries to make himself clear, however, that he only wants the best for everyone, and is usually just venting at whatever he can.

He seems like a sloppy half-drunk parody of a Noir detective, though he blames this largely on his warped mind; which he also does not take responsibility for. He has both a fantastic memory and a poor one. Details regarding himself or his day must be written down, but in his work and observations he seems to retain almost everything. This mental change is thought to be a distortion caused by the artifact he recovered still affecting him during amnestics treatment. He refers to this as a dynamic shift in his attention span, and believes that we only remember what we want to.

Though he often deals with many different levels of personnel, he prefers to talk with the few researchers he is exposed to; who know the many things he does not. He has real interest in becoming better in his work with The Foundation, believing he is doing the most of his form of "Good."

Attached Documents:

UIU Casefile: Aaron Burke - Agent Burke's stolen copy of his UIU file, provided upon joining the Foundation.

F.A.T.E Report - Agent Burke's UIU capabilities report.

One (1) Standard issue M9 Beretta
Four (4) 15rd 9mm Magazines
One (1) Taurus Model 44 .44 MAG. Revolver (Personal Firearm)
One (1) Folding Knife
One (1) Penknife
One (1) Set Reinforced Steel Handcuffs
Additionally: Notepads, Pens, Watch, Penlight, Magnifier, Zippo, Lockpicking Set.

"Boring. You'd make a terrible MTF member," Mahmoud shot at his fellow
"What makes you think I can just magic you another magazine!?"
Burke looks at Shiosai, "Think it'll blow up, like in the pictures?"

Shiosai Ike - Burke has mixed feeling about this mysterious character. He's friendly enough, though, for an anomaly.

Security's Bastian - One of the very few people whose name Burke actually knows. He works with Site Sec's lead officers often.

"Doc" Thorne - For some reason, this man is surrounded by trouble and knuckleheads.

Lily O. - "Uh, sorry. I don't uh…"


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