Ancillia Manor


Name: Ancillia Manor

Location: About twenty minutes southwest of Site-43 in a forest. The area is within a pocket dimension that can only be reached through a tunnel with a provided invitation that is held by the one seeking to enter. Depending on the invitation, one or more guests may be able to enter as well.

Description: Ancillia Manor is a three level, fifteen-thousand square foot building of tan colored stone tucked away into a petrified forest. The manor has two upper floors and a basement. The entirety of the upper floor is where Emsay lives and sleeps. The ground floor is almost always empty outside of the parties that take place there. The ground floor is an area that was made specifically to house parties and a lot of the room reflect this. The area is decorated in banners and is cleaned but it is often empty besides furniture under cloth. The basement section of the house is two part. One part of it is where the staff of Ancillia Manor lives. The other part is the display area and vault for the anomalies that were made and collected by Emsay.

The grounds around the manor never need to be maintained save for a small backyard area because all of the surrounding trees are petrified. The stone they have become is a mix of tan, brown, red, and black colors. There is large amounts of frayed brown twine and copper wire hanging from the branches, giving them a weeping willow look. The front is mainly sparse trees that quickly become thick around the building. The back yard is a small area large enough for twenty or so people. The trees become very thick at the edge of the clearing. The branches radiate out from the tree in most directions so seeing through the forest is difficult.

Areas Within

Ground floor: The ground floor is an area of the house that is not often used. Most of the time cloth is draped over furniture and the lights are never on save for the foyer. The hard wood floors are dark wood and the furniture matches or mixes well the brown hues and colors of tan or beige. The colors of the wall change from room to room, some with leather panels and some with odd colors painted. These rooms have various types of furniture you would expect to see in a large home but also some more unique pieces where anomalies are placed for display and use. When a party has almost begun the ground floor is alive with light and activity. Extra staff are moving about with trays, banners of all sorts hand hang and across the high vaulted ceilings. The cloth is removed from the furniture for that time until the guests leave

Upper floor: The upper floor of Ancillia manor is where Emsay lives most of the time. It is equipped with a master bedroom/bathroom, a guest bedroom/bathroom, a gourmet kitchen, an entertainment room, a sitting area, an office, and a small library. The rooms stay to a uniform dark emerald green carpet and light tan walls.

The master suite has a very large bed, a wide stone fireplace, numerous small trinkets, large bay windows, and minor items like a table and chairs. The bathroom has a large sink area, a large standing shower of stone and glass, and a claw foot tub big enough for two people.

The office is a small room with a very large single piece wood desk. There are two chairs on one side of the desk and a very comfortable looking leather one on the side face three tall windows. A door connects it to the library, a well lit room with floor to ceiling book shelves and a table and chair for reading.

Basement: The basement is made of two sections. In one it houses staff if they are staying overnight or living in home there. It is a decently sized area that emulates a three bedroom apartment with all the amenities. The second area is only reachable through a locked elevator hidden in the walls of the ground and upper floors. This leads to the area where many of the prized anomalies Emsay has collected are displayed. A very large vault door at the end of this area leads to the vault where he keeps the anomalies that he has created himself. The vault itself in a long metal and glass walkway through a black area that leads to a fairly large room lined with shelves and having pedestals in the center. Here there are many mundane looking items and some odd ones. In a corner is a very large metal canister that holds stores of Emsay’s whiskey.

RP Locations Here

Ancillia Manor: The manor grounds in general.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Ground floor: The area where parties are held, rarely used outside of that circumstance.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Emsay’s living area: A smaller section of the home but more elegantly furnished than the rest with Emsay’s more personal furniture being in the area.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Basement: The home like area beneath the house with various amenities and comfortable furniture.

RP Runs Held Here: None

Emsay’s Vault: A very well protected area only accessible via hidden means. It is host to traps and security measures to protect all of the anomalous secrets it holds.

RP Runs Held Here: None

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