Alexandra Poole

Name: Dr. Alexandra J. Poole

Affiliation: Foundation

Role: Senior Researcher, Department of Astrophysical Anomalies — Performs long-distance research on extraterrestrial objects and events.

Played By: FFTransformFFTransform

Phys. Description: Average height for a woman of age 29. Blue eyes. Frequently dyes her somewhat short, messy hair a natural red, to avoid blonde sterotypes. Preferred outfit is a hooded sweatshirt, or a lab coat while working, with clean, pressed jeans. While wearing the lab coat, it can be seen that she is quite muscular. Bad eyesight requires that she wear somewhat thick glasses.

Background: At a very early age, Alexandra's family was placed into the FBI Witness Protection Program, in order to prevent retaliation by a corporation for a whistle blown against them. The family was moved to █████, ██ where Alexandra was raised most of her life. The corporation eventually found them and attempted to kidnap Alexandra, though at this time [REDACTED] 10 casualties, 7 of whom died in the custody of the FBI. After leaving the program with a new identity, she proceeded through her education rapidly, and received her Ph.D. in Particle Astrophysics from MIT. One of her professors referred her to a Foundation front company, where she was recruited as a Junior Researcher. Due to her research into the magnetic flux of SCP-1548, she was promoted to full Researcher, and then to Senior Researcher following additional analysis of SCP-1107.

Special Note
Foundation plants at the FBI are currently unable to verify the accuracy of these records, due to security clearance issues. These are being rectified, though it will take time. Do not grant above security clearance level 3. — Dr. ███████.

Profile: She is incredibly reserved, talking generally in direct sentences. Attempting to discuss her personal life usually results in a changed subject. Her glasses hide a piercing gaze. She is unwilling to take an easier or shorter route to a goal, preferring to be thorough than quick, and does not tolerate errors well. To the few that she allows close to her, she is a remarkably good listener. Her office space is clean and tidy, preferring everything organized. When questioned about her youth, she either refuses to answer, or says, "It's complicated" or something similar. She is acutely aware of her strength, being a practitioner of taekwondo. She does not brag about her accomplishments, instead preferring to simply accept credit for them. Despite all of this, she is happy, and can frequently be seen smiling while she works and goes about her life and duties.

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