Alanna Ellis


Player: Aiden EldritchAiden Eldritch

Name: Alanna Ellis

Description: Dr. Ellis is oddly angular and at least a head taller than most people, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Several years of working with some pretty heavy machinery has given her a ropey and somewhat muscled build and arms that shouldn't really bend that way, but do anyway. Frequently seen with a grease-stained labcoat and gray slacks. Occasionally wears a cap for the Colorado Blizzards.

Refresh Rate: 3


High Concept: Sassy Memetic Engineer

As the Head of Department for Memetic Engineering, Alanna is the one responsible for the upkeep and running of the Foundation's memetic defenses and research program. As such, she gains access to a variety of memetic agents, but also has to deal with the mental after effects of the job, such as memetic infection. Alanna is well-known for her passionate personality and perfectionist attitude, giving her a reputation as a master of the art of wit.

Trouble: Amnestics Addict

Due to her frequent work with memetic agents and the danger that they pose to her mind, Alanna's mind has been bleached so often that she's developed a reliance on amnestics. As such, she always keeps her amnestic inhaler on hand and will start to become somewhat unstable if not allowed to regularly dose herself. Because of this conditioning, her brain has also started to automatically forget some things she perceives as harmful.

Aspect 1: Memetic Specialist

If there's a meme out there, Alanna's been trained to know what it does from back to front and top to bottom. Her training, combined with exhaustive research she's spent the majority of her life doing, has given her an encyclopaedic knowledge of conceptual threats. This has also given her a streak of overconfidence and braggadocio when it comes to dealing with memetic agents in the field.

Aspect 2: Promethean Traitor

Alanna was initially hired as a Foundation researcher after agreeing to extract the code for a natural language algorithm from RedZone Computing. This bought her into contact with both the Foundation as a whole and Dr. Hershel Thorne, the man responsible for the burgeoning artificial intelligence research project at the Foundation. While the two aren't exactly friends, they're on friendly banter terms.

Aspect 3: Foundation Conditioning

Thanks to her own work in the field of memetics, the Overseers developed Project AZURE SKIES, in which several researchers (including herself) were subjected to a process of memetic conditioning to render them both loyal and immune to memetic attack. This effectively forces her to be loyal to the Foundation, while also offering her imperfect resistance to memetic attacks by causing her to forget certain portions of her life and unable to notice certain things.


Level Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
Superb (+5)
Great (+4) Will
Good (+3) Esoterics Notice
Fair (+2) Rapport Knowledge Physique
Average (+1) Athletics Fight Deceive Contacts


  • Has Fair Physique and thus gets a third Physical Stress Box.
  • Has Average Will and thus gets a third and fourth Mental Stress Box.


Weaponised Memes: The house of inconsistent horses has a secondary effect. When you are in a fight, once per conflict, you can force a human opponent to take the Aspect Mental Freeze, provided that they're in sufficient range to hear you.

Amnestic Inhaler: Breathe deeply, and expect wooziness for approximately 24 hours afterwards. Once per session, you can reduce the severity of one human character's Mental Consequence by one level (i.e. severe to moderate, moderate to mild, mild to nothing) and take a -2 penalty to Notice. This is provided they are not immune to amnestics.

Foundation High-Up: Being in the position she's in gives certain perks, like the ability to intimidate peons for miles around. When trying to get information from Foundation employees, Alanna gains +2 to Rapport.

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