Dr. Alanna Ellis

Name: Dr. Alanna McNamara Ellis

Played By: Aiden EldritchAiden Eldritch

Affiliation: Foundation

Role: Senior Memetic Engineer

Physical Description: Tall and somewhat muscular with a body that looks somewhat like it was kludged together with biological duct tape. Has blue eyes, brown hair and tan skin. Face appears brutish and banged-up, while her neck is tattooed with a cognitohazardous design that's usually covered up by her trademark blue scarf (worn in memory of her father). Usually seen wearing a labcoat and button-up shirt with slacks, as well as a Colorado Blizzards cap she got as a birthday present.

Background: Dr. Alanna Ellis was born the only child of a normal couple living in the Sydney city area, and generally spent her time trying to be as abnormal as possible. While she was bright and inquisitive, having a particular knack with computers, her continued insistence on getting into fights and plaster casts only served to worry her parents even more about who their child was growing up to be.

After a fight that resulted in her suspension from school, her parents decided that enough was enough and sent her to a therapy group. While it didn't exactly help her strong-headedness that much, she met an interesting girl with an artistic streak — a girl who offered her the chance to be a part of a counter-culture revolution that broke all conventions, including the ones established by physics.

Her run-in with AWCY? gave her a particular interest and skill with memetics, which eventually evolved into a business partnership with the girl she met. However, her partner's increasingly abusive treatment (which only worsened after Alanna outed herself as trans), coupled with the emotional strain of her father being diagnosed with leukemia, forced her to dissolve the business and join the Foundation instead.

Profile: Alanna is curious, intelligent and aggressive, tackling every problem she comes across with a mixture of cynicism and almost fatalistic strong-headedness. This driven attitude makes her a compulsive workaholic and perfectionist staying up until the early hours of the morning to finish some job or another, even despite her own belief that she isn't doing said job to a satisfactory standard.

This brash and outgoing behaviour has made her one of the more popular figures on site, as she's always willing to drag someone into an endless conversation about some point of trivia or another. Despite her outward aggression, she's also the most concerned about the health and emotional condition of her fellow researchers, partially due to her own experiences and struggles with mental health.

Her hobbies include drawing, technical or otherwise, reading Eliot and listening to music at ridiculously loud volumes in her own apartment, though more frequently she's also found staring off into space for no apparent reason. Researchers who ask why she does this have been answered with verbal abuse, an abrupt topic change and refusal to broach the topic, or more commonly, silence.


  • Dr. Murphy Almond: "Psychologist and a person whom I know. Not much more aside from that."
  • Aislin Butler: "Fights memes and doesn't afraid of anything. An excellent assistant, sure, but I can't shake the feeling she's either hiding something from me or has been snorting the Class-As behind the lab. Five dollars on the latter."
  • Dr. Sarah Caldwell: "Extremely competent and hot to boot."
  • Darcie Heathfield: "Have I told you how I have to lift her up to reach the top shelf yet?"
  • Cassie Richards: "Usually seen tailing behind Sarah like a baby duckling dyed rainbow. Flustered as hell around her, which is… always, so."
  • Doctah Hershel Thorne: "Angry son of a bitch. Insists that I'm responsible whenever his mechatronics experiments go wrong — nobody tell him it's actually Sarah."
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