Aaron Burke


Player: no1unono1uno

Name: Aaron W. Burke

Description: Burke carries the look of a hung-over businessman, usually unshaven and sporting blackened bags under hazel eyes. He stands at 5'9'', and is slim under his charcoal suits. Often he is seen under an aging black overcoat.

Refresh Rate: 3


High Concept: Absent-Minded Investigator

Aloof until interested, Burke will allow himself to drive on forgetful auto-pilot unless a case comes along to pull him back into focus. He is renowned for his case-solving ability and deduction, but little else. His condition causes him to only think of himself and others in the context of his work, and has a very loose grip on the people around him.

Trouble: Questionably Obscured Past

His idea of himself is not based on his own accounts, as much of his life from before the UIU has been erased from his mind. His malfunctioning memory causes him to rely on what he personally records in his notebooks and journals. He is on very bad terms with the UIU and FBI as a whole after going AWOL and seeking employment with the Foundation.

Aspect 1: Amnestics Immunity

Burke's first run-in with the anomalous, and subsequent dosing of UIU amnestics, has either exposed or granted a unique reaction to pharmacological memory alteration. The parts of his mind dedicated to new memory creation are typically only accessible when he is deeply focused and present, yet they are persistent and clear beyond attempts to erase them.

Aspect 2: Noir Identity

With a childhood centered around dime-store detectives and made-for-TV thrillers, Burke has always held a special appreciation for the genre's anti-heroes and their well-known aesthetics. He typically talks and acts like his life is an episodic narrative of a listless PI, and in fairness, that's all he can clearly remember it being. As such, he is often caught playing his stereotypical Noir Detective role in inappropriate situations and talking out of turn.

Aspect 3: Annihilation

They don't teach you to wound. They don't teach you to fire warning shots. You draw your weapon, you aim center mass, you kill. Burke's training has caused him to control, and believe deeply in, the destructive power he holds in his hands. He doesn't use it lightly, knowing that his gun will hold death in the chamber for anyone unlucky enough to be on the other end. It is a hard choice for him to have to bring his wrath down on someone, but when that switch is flipped, the lights stay off.


Level Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
Superb (+5)
Great (+4) Investigate
Good (+3) Shoot Stealth
Fair (+2) Notice Fight Burglary
Average (+1) Will Physique Athletics Esoterics


Avg Physique grants 3rd Physical Stress Box
Avg Will grants 3rd Mental Stress Box


Power of Deduction: "Elementary, my dear… what's your name, again?" Once per scene Burke can spend a fate point (and a few minutes of observation) to make a special Investigate roll representing his potent deductive faculties. For each shift he makes on this roll he discovers or creates an aspect, on either the scene or the target of his observations, though he may only invoke one of them for free.

Opening Doors Policy: They don't always leave keys under the mat. +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever Burke is trying to enter or exit from a location.

Quick on the Draw: Things going sour is part of the job. Burke can can use Shoot instead of Notice to determine turn order in any physical conflict where shooting quickly would be useful.

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